The Swamp Stalker

Image description.

Stalkers, as they are usually called, at first resemble dead trees. Their hide is a dull gray brown colour, and heavily corrugated. Their bodies are irregular, with odd lumps and protrusions. Many stalkers have mossy growths or fungi protruding from their hides. Their long, spindly forearms end in a simple pincer grip of two “fingers”, each of which is tipped by a thin, almost circular pad resembling a dead leaf. Their legs are short (about a fore long) and end in large splayed feet, which split into three toes. They greatly resemble partially exposed roots. The Stalker’s camouflage makes it very difficult to spot. Stalkers seem to be an odd cross between an insect and a reptile, but as they have only four limbs, they are considered by most researchers to be reptiles. Image drawn by Seeker.