Toll Brok'Baroll

Image description.

The most prominent construction on Denilou of course is the great undergroud empire of Toll Brok'Baroll (Thergerim: Toll Brok'Baroll, lit. "under Brok-Father"), with thousands of tunnels leading deep into the earth, harbouring the dwarven Mytheron clan (probably derived from the plural of the word "mithten", meaning "iron"). In their empire the dwarves are mainly mining for ore like iron, silver and gold. Especially iron can be found at various places at the Rotrumerons, which also is the reason why Denilou is often refered to as the "Iron Realm". Nearly all mines throughout the island are connected to the great empire of Toll Brok'Baroll. The dwarven clan leader of the empire has the status of being a living legend, representing the spirit of the famous Mitharim Brok Strongarm, who discovered the island in 1317 b.S. The empire was also constructed in his honour and the translation of the term Toll Brok'Baroll with "under Brok-Father" also is due to the fact that an enormous statue of Brok was erected in the center of the isle, near the main entrance to the realm. Image by Quellion.