A Mitharim Warrior

Image description.

Here we see a Mitharim warrior of the old school, with the classic diamond-scale armour and his beard in war-braids. Note the characteristic bronze-inlay technique used to good effect on the axe and helm. The well-known anvil-and-hammer oremark of the Mitharim clan has been artistically adapted for use on the shield, and interestingly enough, we also see the Boltgrum-style 'knotwork' weaving and the landmark 'Kerringrumlon',"High Tooth Tower" which stands at the edge of Boltgrummarim lands near Elsreth. This allows us to guess that the warrior in question is probably a first-generation son of a extra-clan marriage (between Mitharim and Boltgrummarim) who has chosen this creative way to demonstrate his familial loyalty. The artist has shown him in full battle cry and under attack by archers (possibly orc or goblin, from the styling of the arrows, so this may represent the Battle of Crazy Woman Pass in 212 b.S. Picture from the game Magical Empire™, used with friendly permission. Illustration drawn by Quellion.