A dwarven Hall

Image description.

Een Puvtyr, a typical example of a dwarven dwelling: It consists of a large cavern, like an ancient volcanic dome, its very apex supported by a huge carved shaft of stone. The shaft splits into graceful buttressed arches near the floor, and from its hollow centre a beam of light falls on the Timeclock's engraved face. Tunnels and shafts run off in every direction around the edges of the cavern, and rail-less stairways are worked up its walls until the dome begins to arch inward, leading to still other shafts and tunnels. Between them numerous little cubbies and niches have been pickaxed out; sleeping shelves, coal storage, books, lights, pots of pickled moss, water caches and washing areas... the Thergerim can grow stone into any form they desire, it is said. Down one face of the dome a slim waterfall has been guided to run horizontally for several dwarf-spans and then allowed to leap down into a step-edged pool. Image by Quellion.