The Aellenrhim Ophá

Image description.

Traditionally the Aellenrhim elves dwell in natural clearings in the forest, enclosures known in Styrásh as Ophá, which used to house one or two extended families, typically about 15 individuals. Many such Ophá exist in the forest, but not all are occupied. Within each enclosure small quantities of crops or vegetables can be grown and there are large roundhouses known as Seeán’feárn, a number of small timber storage houses and usually a building housing a large oven used for firing pottery or baking. Seeán’feárn are circular houses with conical thatched roofs. They vary in size from very small to gigantic. Walls are either constructed from granite (which can be found in the North of the forest as you approach the Warnaka Mountains) or more commonly by constructing a wooden frame which is filled by panels woven from young tree branches. Image drawn by Quellion.