The Torán's Falls (Veil Falls)

Image description.

The impressive sight of the Torán's Falls which Neprisians also often refer to as the "Veil Falls" as the falls are at times very lucid so that you can see the wall of rocks shining through. The water at the Torán's Falls drops down without any hindrance for more than a hundred and twenty peds. At the very foot of the falls the water masses tossing down have formed a deep pond along the ridge, about thirty peds broad and seventeen peds long. The water in the pond is constantly troubled and especially dangerous in spring, when in the mountains the snow has melted and the creek carries its largest amount of water. Then the falling white masses of water which transport stones of the size of half a ped or more with them show you the brutal force of nature. The noise is tremendous at this time; the air is full of drops and now and then you can see a rainbow in the spray - if you have the time to look at it. Picture drawn by Nalfaren.