Image description:

The Eyelians always have been known as the beastmasters of Sarvonia, which is also the reason why they are often referred to as "Tamers". This special art of taming beasts has been practised by the tribe since thousands of years and also was interpreted as an indicator of power. As a consequence the Eyelian kings always were famous beastmasters too, especially the legendary "Gryphonrider" Taranthir II., whose extraordinary ability of taming the (now extinct and legendary) wild gryphons inhabitating the Rimmerins Ring within a few hours was appreciated and sometimes even feared throughout the lands. Therefore the king's most beloved gryphon Zarathim is shown at the Eyelian coat of arms, which - according to the reports of several sources - indeed was a dangerous monster and only obeyed to the strict commands of its master. Coat of Arms designed by Koldar Mondrakken.