The Glandorain Captain Troi Ciosa

Image description:

The Glandorian exploring ship, the "Svarring Joling", sent out around supposedly 11.350 from the Gulf of Glandor in Northern Sarvonia is captained by a man with the name Troi Ciosa. After what must have been years of straying the "Svarring Joling" runs aground on a hidden reef near a peninsula. Scuttling the damaged and sinking ship for supplies the group of explorers, men, women and children born at sea found and build a small settlement for themselves on the newly discovered lands. They named it Ciosa, after their captain and leader of their expedition. The people, who make their home at Gebl's Nose Cape call themselves "those who have arrived", or in an ancient Glandorian term: the "Av'ennors" (Avennorians). Picture drawn by Faugar.