The Hounds of Paelelon

Image description.

The Hounds of the Paelelon is a secretive sect of Eophyrhim drow; hired for assassinations, murders and bounties. There is only a single group of seven drow, mostly hunters and hunter-clerics. The Hounds of the Paelelon have been in existence since Hunter-Cleric Gaulivan's overthrowing of the clerics in 9675 b.S. But the last record of the group was an artists' rendering of the Seven, sometime between 6225 b.S. and 5502 b.S. They are known to wear grey-black cloaks, styles as unique as each drow, with silver clasps of a wolf's head. Most are skilled in swordplay, some use bows, and some use their hounds. And a rarity is the Hunter-Cleric within their ranks; his weapon is his teeth and his hands. Picture drawn by Faugar.