Sheára, Aeoliran Goddess of Death

Image description:

Sheára is one of the lesser four High Gods in Aeoliran religion and has power over the Element of Wind. Sheára is revered as the Goddess of Death, as Aeoliran believe that when they die, their Xán (Tharian = "essence/soul") shall be taken by her Wind to the high heavens, where they shall remain and be judged by her for Ardulá (Tharian = "rebirth/reincarnation"). Sheára is believed to control the skies, so her worshippers aim to keep her constantly appeased. The seasons are also under her control, and although influenced by the other Gods, notably Pariya, she alone has the final say. So, should she be displeased by the attitude of the people, Sheára may bestow upon them a harsh, cruel summer, which would cause people to suffer, should she be pleased, she will allow them a pleasurable summer, in which people will delight. Picture drawn by Eritinalinfalah.