Gerissa of the Glitra

Image description:

The dancer Gerissa of the Glitra with the typical dancer's fan. This picture is believed to have been commissioned by Gerissa fairly early in her career, probably as a marketing technique. Some weathering damage around the edges and initial crackling on the top layers (not visible in this reproduction) suggests that it was displayed outside, possibly on the façade of the Earthsong, to attract either audiences for the performances or would-be clientele. Note that at this point her skin is still fairly light, with little trace of the deep golden-orange hue it would later assume at the height of her fame and popularity. She is holding a fan lightly in one hand, its purple hue telling us it belongs to the Fifth Stanza of the Manthrian Court version of the Fan Dance cycle (a bit of braggadocio here, as the Fifth was rarely attempted by any but the most accomplished dancers, due to its demanding passages and extended poses…) and has matched the fan with the blossom in her lushly curling hair. Her posture is confident and her eyes display a self-knowledge unusual in one so young. Image drawn by Enayla.