Powerful (?) sorcerer from the independent island Kingdom of R'unor. Very little is known of this man except his preference for orcish women and his passion for exotic cheese. When asked to describe himself for this entry his only response was "the details of my life are of absolutely no interest to anyone reading this encyclopedia of yours - Artimidor why do you persist with these pointless questions?" (end of quote).

What is known about him is as follows: Xenos has provided information concerning R'unor in order to complete this part of the famous Santharian Compendium, and his information seems accurate. Recently Xenos has been seen near Milkengrad although there has not been any real verification of this sighting and what be his activities there. There exist rumors that he has been working with the R'unorian government in order to recreate a working Firelance machine from the few notes left undestroyed by Gregory Firelance prior to his death.

His mental stability is still being debated.

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