(568-277 b.S.) High Elven Queen of the Sharadon Forest representing all elven tribes which fought at SW II, the War of the Inpious (550-501 b.S.), against the humans forces.

Picture description: The young elven queen Vilanciash. Image drawn by Faugar.

Vilanciash became one of the most famous elven queens as she and Karthach of Ishmarin, the Erpheronian sovereign, swore the Tethiás'Quarón (the "Oath of the Young") at the end of war in 501 b.S. in order to never again start the bloodshed of war between the two races. While Karthach was 22 when swearing to the oath Vilanciash was 67, which indeed is a very unusual young age for a reigning elven queen. As a sign of good-will the banner of the former hostile human tribe, the sign of the burning Caein, was burned into the chest of the elven queen. This sign of peace and understaning Vilanciash bore for a lifetime and she was several times witness of the renewing of the Tethías'quarón at the Erpheronian (or the Tharanian) court when the lifespan of a human sovereign had came to an end.

Like many elven queens Vilanciash also was not a very dominating ruler and after the ending of SW II not much is reported from her which found its way into the human history books. However, this fact seems to be the case with several elven rulers and very often these sovereigns were the most adorned leaders by the elves themselves.

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