(865-826 b.S.) Musician from the ancient city of artists, Thaehavos (today's Bardavos). Tinholdt was only an average talented fluteplayer, whose fame was not even widely spread in his hometown. He was interested in history and became amateur historian researching especially peculiar events in history and thus maybe the only relieable source for facts on the Templars of the Black Pearl. Tinholdt drowned in Marcogg while travelling north for further research. It is not very surprising that it is rumoured that he became another Templar victim.

As a boy Tinholdt was a rather talented player, but during his studies at the School of Tunes he quickly reached his highest possible level and only barely made it through the final years. Afterwards he tried to find work as a musician but wasn't successful. Out of pure frustration he decided to concentrate on something else, and living on a scarce payment as bar-musician he began doing research on historical subjects. He was mainly interested in special and peculiar events and some unsolved murders quickly caught his attention while reading through historical accounts of several cities.

This is how Tinholdt first came into contact with the ssecrets of the Templars of the Black Pearl. It is rumoured that from this time on he only concentrated on these mysterious murders, not caring anymore about other topics. His research began to have fanatical edges and when his writings about the Templar murders were were discovered by some of his fellow musicians, they torn them to pieces, saying it was nonsense and made up fairy-tale. Now even more disappointed and frustrated, Tinholdt decided to go closer to the sources and went to several major cities of the southern Sarvonian continent to visit local libraries or relatives of suspected victims. When he was finally satisfied with what he had accumulated, he wanted to do a final search on the location of the Templars. This proved fatal for him, as he drowned while travelling from Thaehavos to Elsreth in the Mashdai River near Marcogg. His body was found and returned to his family in Thaehavos. A cousin found some copies of the manuscripts of Tinholdt and handed them out to the Thaehavin Library at the Thaehavos University - the books which are now known as "The Cases of the Templar Murders". Tinholdts cousin was as well murdered within weeks after publication, but the name of the cousin is not known.

Tinholdt was buried at the local cemetery of Thaehavos and would have faded in oblivion as just another mediocre artist if it hadn't been for the publication of his notes. He is now honoured as the only person who had dared to do thorough research on the Templars.

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