Soros is a remarkable contemporary alchemist about whom little is known, because of his secretive and mysterious nature. Some of the information received by the Compendium researchers was acquired from friends of Soros' parents and distant family relatives. He is one of the rare humans who study alchemy; this is a study which the gnomes prefer to reserve for themselves, not welcoming would be students of other races. As such - during his experiments - he accidentally discovered a new element, which is not given in basic or advanced alchemical sources, therefore he is now credited as the first alchemist who has found what he called "Sodium" and is known among the gnomes since then as "Loman". As he began to experiment with this element he has found that it is also very dangerous, because when Soros threw it in water, it began to move on the surface and after a blink or two exploded with very loud noise.

As far as we know Soros tries to keep his alchemical studies secret, so as to prevent them from falling into the hands of others, to ensure that they will only be accredited to him, if his discoveries will bring something special and important to the inhabitants of Santharia. His unusual name is due to his Erpheronian heritage, and because of his secretiveness everyone simply refers to him as "The Stranger Alchemist". Of course, those who see him in a more positive light call him simply "The Young Alchemist", and these people are mainly elderly people, because he helped some older farmers several times, during his travel from scholars' studying place to his real home, by using alchemy to make the bilge fertilizer powder, which he made available to the farms, ensuring farmers a productive year.

Appearance. Soros is approximately a ped and eight palmspans high, and is a young man, who has a heavily muscular body, which he gained during his childhood while helping his father, who was a smith. He also likes to dress in certain colours, so called, semi-tints and thunder colours. These are the colours which are pretty much like those colours which in Santharia are known as waterberry blue, allia, xazure blue and sou'cald blue, but the semi-tints are all those colours, which grant to the eyes a feeling of softness. Thunder-blue, or uderza blue, and grey colour fits him the best, because these colours represent all his personality properties and therefore give him some confidence, as he told to his mother. Thus he always tries to wear outfits incorporating these colours. He usually wears a shirt, trousers, shoes and, when he makes his experiments, he uses gloves to make sure that he will not get poisoned or injured.

At the age of thirteen, while he was helping his father as an apprentice, his parents began to notice that Soros had bad eyesight, and had to buy him the gnomish invention of magnification lenses, which were similar in appearance with those of Farseer device lenses, but smaller, and Soros never takes them off. Since that day these glasses also serve as an eye protection device against some splinters, which can be produced during his experiments with volatile substances.
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Personality. It seems that Soros is able to understand everything, and indeed, holds his own opinions that are often contrary to popular views on life. He likes to argue, though not being cantankerous, he has still made some secret and ferocious enemies. He considers it natural that there would be a huge variety of opinions about everything. Soros instinctively rises up against some certain standards and, if there is a chance, changes accepted orders - even in society and government. He is interested in social problems and reforms of all kinds.

It is not easy for him to make friends, because of his views and personality in general. Soros is hardly more materially wealthy than other people, and is more or less uninterested in gaining money; although if he receives some, he will make surprisingly masterful use of it, as some of his real friends may say. Soros's only weaknesses are his nervousness, loneliness, and his melancholic attitude. He doesn't actually have many real friends, although there are some and he is very faithful to them. He always stands on the side of those who are downtrodden and humiliated.

Living alone, Soros has made it his ultimate goal to discover the secrets of alchemy in its roots. As a matter of fact through long studies of alchemy, he discovered many interesting things about the properties of the elements - their interaction with each other, and other properties by accomplishing some specific manipulations with the elements. Though as has been said the only people with whom he communicates are his real friends, who are not many in number, and when they meet Soros, he tells them what he has discovered, although he doesn't tell them everything in details - only in general terms. TThis all adds to his mysterious character. Return to the top

Biography. Soros's Birth and Childhood (22nd Sleeping Dreameress 1649-1654). It was a warm Sleeping Dreameress day when in the early morning, with the first rays of the Injr, in Erpheronian dominated city of Voldar, Soros the Stranger Alchemist was born in the house of "The Smith and Tailor". It was the house where Soros spent the best part of his life. He was raised by his mother - Amara the Tailor, who was an excellent tailor and who also had some secrets of good manners. But Soros's father was a strong and handsome blacksmith - Noroc the Smith, who mastered the craft of blacksmith and repairing swords, cauldrons and many other things, even golden items. Soros's childhood was very short, only until the age four, because then his father began to teach him about being a blacksmith and how to master this difficult craft. His mother, on the other hand, taught him some rules about how to be polite and how to sew holes in the shirts and how to make something like a fancy dress or other kinds of clothing. At first Soros didn't like the craft of his father, but everything changed at age five.

Soros finds his real Interest in... (1654-1656). At age five, Soros understood the basics of both parents' crafts, therefore he began to help them in every way he could. He especially turned his attention to the father's blacksmith craft, because he couldn't understand why hot iron can be shaped in almost any form and when it cools it retains that new form. This raised many questions in his mind about the properties of different substances. He wanted to know e.g. why after some time, silver became grey and not shiny. And many such other questions occupied his mind, but he still helped his parents and asked them about the nature of substances.

Soros begins his Apprenticeship among Scholars (1656-1662). After two years since his apprenticeship with his father started, Soros learned how to write and began to have his own notes on the nature of substances, which were around the city of Voldar and inside city's shops, and his parents couldn't unnotice that. That was because they brought him to scholars, who, after some time, gladly took Soros as their apprentice and started to teach him about the nature of these substances and many other things. Unfortunately, this studying place is unknown, but it seems to be in the same city, in which Soros live - in the city of Voldar.

Soros develops his Eyesight Problems and loses his Parents (1662-1667). At the age of thirteen, one day Soros arrived home from the studies and, as he did in the past, helped his parents. But after some days, Soros's parents noticed that Soros didn't take notes so often as he did in the past and that he couldn't see some tiny things from afar as it was when he was a child. They couldn't understand why it was so, when finally they asked him about this, and Soros told them that in the past two years something began happening with his eyes and that with every month he saw things from afar only as a blurred figures. Then his parents bought him magnification lenses, which could help him to see better.

But at the end of the year, during his stay near scholars, Soros received a message about his parents' death - some group of thieves, under the cover of night, had broken into their house and killed both of Soros's parents and stole many valuable things. The reason why thieves broke into their house were some golden and silver decorations, which his father had to repair and give them back to the family of much higher social class, who had asked him to do the repairs. It is supposed that when the thieves broke into the house, Soros's father had heard someone inside their house and that they were seeking for something. To make sure that his possessions and his beloved wife could be safe, he stood from the bed and went against the thieves, but they were too many and too greedy. Because of those precious things, the thieves killed both Soros's parents to ensure their escape. At least this is what the old local farmers who lived nearby believe. The grief in Soros's heart was painful and lasted for several years, during which he was taught by the scholars, and only a local farmer's family took care of him, to make sure, he would not do any mistakes, that could endanger his life. This local farmer's family did that to show their good attitude towards him, because Soros helped them from time to time, while traveling from home to the study place, and Soros' parents had good relationships with this farmer's family, whose name is still unknown.

Soros Recovery and the Beginnings of his own Life (1667). After five years Soros's grief stood back and his mental health slowly recovered, and as a sign of his gratitude Soros made several bottles of ormelin for the farmer's family, to ensure that it would bring them physical healing when necessary. About the farmer's family it is only known that they continued their life as it was before they began taking care of Soros. At the age of eighteen, Soros finished his advanced studies and started his own life, which he is even now spending as an alchemist with advanced knowledge about alchemy, living in his parents old house. He turned his father's smithy into his own laboratory or an alchemist's workshop and study room, in which he one day discovered a new element - Sodium.

As the accounts tell us: It was a midday when Soros started his new experiment, during which he accidentally forgot about the ash-aceed/lye that was heating, and when he remembered that, he thought that all experiments had failed and he would have to start it again. Therefore he looked into the furnace and saw that ash-aceed/lye had become reasonably smaller and when he put it out of furnace it looked differently - with metallic glint. Then he had a suspicion that it was not ash-aceed at all and to make sure of this fact, he put the new element into water and as he did that, the substance began to move very quickly on the surface of water and after some blinks exploded with very loud noise. After that experiment he went to the scholars and showed them his discovery, which turned out to be recognized as an element of its own, which he called "Sodium" and which the gnomes refer to as "Loman". He also told what had happened during the experiment and the scholars were amazed.
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Importance. Some people, especially scholars, believe that Soros has useful knowledge about alchemy and they also believe, that Soros will be able to bring to the inhabitants of Santharia further, new and important discoveries. Some of his teachers say that he is the one who will try to explore every substance in "The Tabulata Peryodiq of Santharia" in depth if he gets the opportunity, and that he has already begun to do this research.

He also is one of the few persons in Voldar who seem to care about farmers and their life, which is dependent on their harvest productivity, and Soros does all he can, by using his knowledge about alchemy, to ensure that the local farmers have great and productive harvest every season.

Soros even managed to discover a new element, which he called "Sodium" (known as "Loman" among the gnomes) and which he extracted from the element ash-aceed/lye by heating it. This was known as he went by himself to the scholars of alchemy and showed them his discovery, as it is also described in his Biography section above. At the present time Soros is researching all possible properties and usages of said Sodium.
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