Ylfferhim Leias in the 8th century b.S. (799-698 b.S.) She became the Leias in 721 b.S when Ylpherón'daín left the the newly independant Quallian to return to his kin in the north. The daughter of the the merchant Tió'caó she has recieved the reputation over time as a puppet monarch - under the control of her father. However, elves have very long memories and the oldest among them know that this is perhaps not quite the truth.

Biography. Neve'Nmal was born on the western seabord of the Zeiphyrian Forest. Her father Tió'caó was a merchant and a lore master, working from a self constructed peir. She grew up, therefore, with a quiet respect for the sea as well as the forest. As a merchant's daughter she also grew up with more contact with the other races than most elven children.

Listening to captains of ships, stocking and trading, was how Neve'Nmal first became aware of the war that was raging around her, the First Sarvonian War, the "War of the Blood". Some of her father's human clients stopped coming to trade, but most continued, as it was the only port on the seaboard for some considerable distance. Humans were very careful in their talk of war around the elven family, but Neve'Nmal was small and silent and learnt a great deal of the war and of the tactics in play by various races.

The family were unaffected by the war, but as it dragged on, and the costs and grudges grew attacks upon the pier were launched. Tió'caó was accused of everything from spying for the dwarves to supplying dark elves with their deadly weapons. The forest was under attack as both sides gathered wood to build fortifications. The family moved inland. It was here that Tió'caó first met Ylpherón'daín.

Neve'Nmal was a very intelligent girl and marvelous tactician. The hiding of the cities was initially her idea, as was the declaration of neutrality after Ylfferhim independance. She was also a very persuasive diplomat, often attending and helping Ylpherón'daín in negotiations with the Quaelhoirhim Avá'ránn. However, she took power six years after the "Deciding of the Blood" which took place in 729 b.S. With the world at peace, there was simply no opportunity for her to demonstrate her true leadership talents while her ability to grapple with more domestic issues, such as distrubution of food during 701 (a year of terrible famine after the Third Great Flood) was severly lacking. Therefore she very often seemed to be incapable of running the junior elven nation effectively and totally reliant on her father for advice.

Aside from this Neve'Nmal struck up a strong relationship with Herín'amóh, a brooding youngster from the Zeiphyr and the object of many an elf-maids affection, the youngest brother of the Quaelhoirhim Avá'ránn, and hotly tipped to be their new leader in time.

In 712 b.S. Herín'amóh came of age and asked the rather elder Ylfferhim Queen to marry him. Aware that the proposal was probably more for political gain than reciprocated affection, Neve'Nmal refused him. However, their continued relationship (and according to one council member "shameless flirting" at meetings of the High Elven Circle) caused much concern among her people, who were keen to keep the Quaelhoirhim from having too much to do with Ylfferhim affairs.

When in 698 b.S. yet another flood around Yln'fáin'tír occured and a second proposal from Herín'amóh was made, it is said that Neve'Nmal asked her father one last time what she should do. Tió'caó asked in return, "About which affair of state do you enquire? Or do yo wish me to read your own heart?"

Neve'Nmal never had to make a decision, nor deal with the aftermath of the flooding. She contracted a waterborn virus from drinking water that had mixed with stagnant flood waters and died later that night.

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