Ná’Pherán (1910 b.S-810 b.S., lit. "She-Tree") was the Spiritual Guide of the elven Tethinrhim tribe that created the urban tree. Upon entering the Auturian Woods when coming from the north the Tethinrhim found that although the area was full of plant and animal life the Woods were not suitable when it came to living on the ground. However, the area was too good for the Tethinrhim to give up.

Being the first documented Spiritual Guider, Ná’Pherán has also been the most powerful in the Tethinrhim's recorded history. Looking to Avá for inspiration it is said that Ná’Pherán found exactly the answer She was searching for.

The canopy was, although thick with leaves, the perfect place to live. But one of the many problems was that the trees were not suitable to live in. Here is record taken from the Rón notes of the time:

"... After a long and tedious journey we finally came across a vast wodded territory. The further we travelled into the woods the lower our spirits became. The children were tired, the Kaierian Warriors scouted about the area and were exhausting their skills trying to find a suitable place to set up a place of living.

We took a break to rest and eat. Ná’Pherán was with her apprentice sitting a little away from the group deep in a meditation, praying to the Gods for assistance. Finally with a knowing smile on her face Ná’Pherán walked towards me. She stopped a few paces before me and raised her arms with her assistant close behind. The entire atmosphere of the woods changed. Great forces were at work being channelled through Ná’Pherán.

Holding a staff in her hand the green gems on the top began to glow as the channeling of energies continued through Ná’Pherán. The ground was rumbling, then a wind picked up. Clouds started to fly past in the sky. The ground began to break open in places as a stalk of some sort began to appear through the ground. Continuing to grow these stalks turned in to great thick trunks. Once they reached the height of the trees about it they began to branch out at the top. The root system filling the ground level above and below the ground level created amazing patterns.

Ná’Pherán collapsed on the ground and was helped by her apprentice. She nearly died from exhaustion. The clouds stopped and the atmosphere returned to how it was previously ..."

The then Rón of the tribe Attle'Le had the Kaierian Warriors climb the trees and start on a basic form of housing for the Tethinrhim below. So it was from the Spiritual Guider Ná’Pherán that the urban trees came about and the Tethinrhim found their home within the Auturian Woods.

Ná’Pherán continued as the Spiritual Guider after she recovered from the magical strain having just altered the landscape and creating a new life form within Avá's Dream. She then became the life mate to Attle'Le and had two children. The first-born female continued in her father’s footsteps as Avá'Ránn to the tribe, while Ná’Pherán's second daughter began training as a Spiritual Guider. Alas at the young elven age of thirty-four she was kidnapped and later murdered.

It is unknown what happened to the staff of Ná'Pherán. It is rumoured to have been burnt with her body when she died at the age of 1100. Some believe that it is kept inside the Ria, others believe that Queprur Herself, Goddess of the Earth, came down and took her staff back once Her child had died.

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