Although the Milken Brownies are loyal to the houses of the Helcrani in Milkengrad, they have held on to some of their Browniin heritage. They have established various Guilds in which a Brownie may learn a craft or trade. These trades are, for the most part, to the benefit of the Helcrani and the Milkens as a whole. They are also crucial to the culture of the Milkens, allowing them to hold on to something that can define them as Brownies, rather that the servants of the Helcrani as they previously had been before an idealist named Aohooindou changed that.

Description. The Milkens have developed a guild-based system, that has kept them busy and in prosperity. The Guilds allow them to have an organized way to run their society, and to coexist efficiently with the Helcrani by doing more than just tidying up the house at night.

The Guilds are based on an Apprentice and Master system. A prospective Brownie who wishes to join a Guild is apprenticed to a more experienced member who has already gone through the apprentice stage. All members assigned to be a master must answer to the Guildmaster. The Guildmaster is the one who has either established the respective Guild, or has succeeded the latter. They are usually the most proficient with their chosen trade, and offer wisdom, help, and advice to the younger members.

One important factor about the guilds is that they are very different from the clans of the Llaoihrr. Each Brownie is not required to join a Guild, but are rather inclined to do so out of loyalty to the houses of the Helcrani that have taken them in. The Milkens feel that they must repay the masters of their house, so they do so by becoming productive members of the Brownie community, helping the tribes as a whole to prosper.
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Joining a Guild. A Brownie may choose to join a Guild as soon as he or she is deemed old enough to make their own decisions, at ten years old. Brownies of any age after that may ask for an apprenticeship if they feel that they are not ready at this time. They may then be placed under a Master. There is no set amount of time that they must train for, but the average time is around five to seven years. When they feel that they are skilled enough, they may ask for the Test of Membership. This is a test that encompasses all of the skills that the Brownie should have learned in their time spent as an apprentice. There is no pressure to pass this test, and the Brownie may take it as many times as they need to.

If a Brownie wishes to leave a Guild, they may do so and become apprenticed to a different Guild. They may only leave their apprenticeship after they have had their first test. After a Brownie has left their first Guild for another, they must stay in their second Guild for a minimum of five years until they are allowed to change again.
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Basic Overview of the Guilds. There exist approximately a dozen different Guilds in the Milken society:

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(YEARS 1.144 A.S. - 1.440 A.S.)
Murmurs of change ripple throughout the Milken Society.

The Enlightener Milkens form and begin to meet in secret, debating issues and considering ideals.

The Enlighteners confront Helcrani authorities with new ideas and plans for the Milken Brownies in Milkengrad. These plans include an outline for several Milken Guilds.

After heavy debate, these plans are approved, and Aohooindou Greenbark is given free reign in the construction of the Guilds.

The Crafters, Metalworkers, and Gardeners are formed, each headed by a Brownie.

Groups of Brownies throughout the Milken are outraged at the new change from the old ways. Violent and passive protest begins.

A compromise is reached. The Sweepers and Rat Catchers are formed by those who clung to the old ways. The old ones find solace in the fact that they may continue to do the jobs that all Milkens did before the 'Great Change'. It made them feel as if the duties of the Brownies had not been thrown away, simply added to.

New creative ideas for the future of the Guilds begin to surface.

Debates of the need for more Guilds begin to come to an end, with the side for more Guilds in a strong position.

Debates are settled and new Guilds begin construction.

Clerics of Nehtor travel to Milkengrad and perform healings on the many sick Milken, whose numbers were rapidly increasing. Amazed and greatful Milkens ask for the clerics to teach them their art of healing. With their new-found knowledge, the Browniin clerics of Nehtor step forward and quickly form the Healers.

The Spearers and Slingers are formed.

(YEARS 1.440 A.S. - 1.540 A.S.)
The Weavers Guild forms.

The Brownie Bead Industry is established, along with the Beadmasters Guild.

Rumours of a conspiring Spearer starting a pirating organization ingnite and spread like wildfire.

A small group of Brownies begin training the Dominoore Fish for use.

The small group becomes large, and call themselves the River Runners.

First Llaoihrr Brownies come to study under a Guild in an exchange arrangement.


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