(1639-1575 b.S.) Originally named Marryn Tristin. Only daughter of Gerwon Tristin, second ruler of the town of Strata. Inherited the shield and sword of the House of Eithar from Gerwon. Travelled back to Voldar in 1625 b.S. when her father died and her brother Brandol took control of the city. Lived with her great-aunt Amalthea till she passed away and took over her seat in the Voldarian High Council afterwards.

Biography. Marryn Tristin was born as third child of Gerwon Tristin. Though she looked exactly like Gerwon at first sight, with thin and slender features, she fortunately didn't inherit her father's weakness. Her character was more like that of her uncle Drafas or perhaps even more like her great-aunt Amalthea. She had Drafas' courage and strength, but not his impulsive nature. Moderation and keen insight came from Amalthea, whom she'd always admired when she was young, especially her stories from Voldar. It was only logical that she later left and sought out the women from the stories when her father passed away.

Marryn grew up in the explosively growing city of Strata but didn't like the city life too much. Often she went out wandering in the dunes or the ruins at the southern beach, often taking the few books that existed in the young town with her: "The History of Voldar" and "The Travel South". Later on when she grew up she went riding to the edges of the desert and sometimes even going into it, though her father forbade her doing so. But she usually thought before acting and never went far from the edge.

Marryn had a very happy youth together with her brothers until it was disturbed by the death of Gerwon. Although this was expected to happen soon the shock for the relatives was still great and a period of mourning began and lasted several months. But alas, life had to go on and Marryn's brother Brandol took control over the Ruling House as eldest son and now head of the Tristin family. Marryn on the other hand felt relieved somehow. She no longer felt the need to stay at home and still being very young she set out to follow the old track of Drafas back to Voldar, to her great-aunt. So the fourteen-year-old lady left for the north.

There's a myth about Marryn riding through Strata on the day of her departure telling that she spent the whole day looking and memorizing the buildings and streets so that she'd never forget her home. But when he she was finally finished and had to cry by the thought of leaving the town it was already darkening and the first stars were appearing in the skies above the Burning Sea. Astonished that she had been busy all day and hadn't left yet she hurried to the gate in the northwest wall. She passed through the gate just before the curfew and continued her way north. But when she arrived at the last guardhouse of Strata before the wilderness she stopped and asked for a place for the night. The soldiers, not wanting to believe she was the sister of Brandol demanded payment in exchange for a meal and a night rest. Not having any money with her she traded the shield with the Phoenix of Eithar with the officer in charge.

When Marryn finally arrived in Voldar she showed her great-aunt the sword and was recognized as the heir for the House of Eithar. But the shield she had been given was lost and was never returned to the House of Eithar again. (By the way: A more believable version of her journey north tells about her losing the shield while fleeing from a battle with scoundrels who tried to ambush her.)

When Marry returned to Voldar she surprised her great-aunt with her coming. Amalthea was happy that she'd found a worthy heir for the council seat and taught her young and eager pupil all she had to know to become a worthy councilmember. When Amalthea passed away in 1621 b.S. Marryn officially took the name Eithar instead of Tristin and became member of the Voldarian Council. It was there that she met Vek, grandson of Kel and councilmember for the House Branoc. The two fell in love and married, uniting the two houses in the council. It was decided by Marryn and Vek that the firstborn child would follow up Vek in the council while the secondborn would follow up Marryn. The marriage confirmed the strong bond between the two houses in the Council. Together Marryn and Vek served Malakai, king of Voldar till the end of their days.

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