(1625-) Current Empress of the independent Kingdom Of R'unor, R'marath Tribe. Daughter of Empress Fyra Flameseer (1593-1640), married to the famous R'unorian-Orcish Admiral Mulgarth. Mother of Tyra and Gulara Flameseer.

Born in the imperial palace in the mid-spring of the year 1625 according to the Santharian Calender, Kirvosa grew up as the sole daughter to a rapidly ageing Empress. Since birth she was taught the ways of the Imperial Court - primarily how not to get in trouble with the organizations of the real power, the Librarians Guild and the Guards Council. In general she lived a life of privilege, getting the finest imported wine, the best cloth, the plumpest pit worms always on the table. Kirvosa finally became dissatisfied with all the wealth and power and began to try her hand at weapon smithing and clockwork when she was still a young girl. This eventually lead to an unfortunate accident when she was sixteen. Unfortunately the specifics of the accident are a carefully guarded family secret, as it was rather embarrasing and shed a weird light on the imperial family. However, it is an undeniable fact that the accident did lead to the loss of her right hand, which in turn led to one of Kirvosa's most distinctive features, the clockwork bladed claw that now sits where her right hand once had been.

Unfortunatly disaster struck once again soon after this incident in the form of Kirvosa's mother's death. Kirvosa, still in her youth, took the throne reluctantly at the age of 17 and has "ruled" since then in an amazingly generous and carring manner.

Kirvosa also developped to a woman with beauty beyond comparison. Her skin is the darkest shade of black, her pale redish hair flows off the back of her shoulders and even drags a few feet behind her because of its length. It is said that her emerald green eyes could melt the heart of any suitor. Why she chose to wed the battle scared Mulgrath - who seems to smell perpetually of old fish and cheep alcohol - is one of her greatest mysteries. (She insists that he has a wonderful personality, although he rarely speaks, so no-one can confirm if she's really telling the truth.)

Kirvosa is also known as one of the most open and socially involved Empresses in recent R'unorian history. Attending everything from the wedding of prominent R'unorian citizens to joining the festivities at the feast of R'lia held in the early spring. Thus it is no surprise that her wedding was slightly less traditional than usual: Having completely thrown out the traditional crimson robe, Kirvosa attended wearing only a pair of fine silver earrings. Not to metion that the wedding was held not within the imperial palace but in the market square. Kirvosa also broke with another R'unorian tradition when she simply decided to relocate the throne room, moving it from it's location deep within the heavily fortified central spire to a more accessible location where she now uses to speak with the people of the city and the kingdom on a more regular basis.

Kirvosa has just recently given birth to twin girls last spring. They are both healthy and resemble their mother greatly (well, at least except for the extra body hair and the predatory teeth that is...). The twins are named Tyra and Gulara.

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