A Kaierian Warrior is of elven origin (in general only Tethinrhim tribe members are allowed) who has trained for at least two hundred years in the various arts of war, self defence and combat. They are highly trained in at least three various weapons, specialising in one, while being proficient in all other standard weapons. Each Kaierian is also a trained ranger. They also know how to navigate their way around without a human compass.

A Kaierian Warrior

View picture in full size Picture description: A warrior of the Tethinrhim elves, a Kaier. Image drawn by Quellion.

Appearance. Like the well-known Ar'leiná (an elven healer who healed the young Katya the Just) the Tethinrhim tribe members and thus the Kaierian Warriors generally have very fair skin and a rich gold red hair. All children born to the Rónn or Ava'ránn have hazel eyes and their hair has often been commented on being the "colour of rubies", or a "deep sunset red".

The tribe members wear mainly cotton clothing dyed in greens and browns to hide them in the treetops, consisting of dresses, trousers, skirts, shirts and shorts, only restricted by the imagination of the wearer.

Coat of Arms/Sign. The elves of the Tethinrhim tribe believe similar to the Ylfferhim that they are descendants of the Astyrhim light elves. While they don’t share the same coat of arms, they have taken the eye symbol from this tribe (the Tear of Avá) and incorporated it in their coat of arms, which mainly consists of a black sword pointing down, refering to their proud Kaierian Warriors. Return to the top

Territory. The elven Tethinrhim tribe is found in the Auturian Woods north east of the Gulf of Maraya. The Woods are located in the mid to lower regions of the southern Sarvonian Continent, west of the human city of Marcogg.
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Organization. In order to become a Kaierian Warrior, one must first be Tethinrhim by birth of at least one parent. Non-Tethinrhim are unable to use the title of Kaierian, those that are found to be doing so are punished. There is also a natural ability born in to the elf. This natural ability generally surfaces around the age of thirty, when the elf is still young.

As each Tethinrhim child is taught the basics of how to defend itself, those who take to the teachings, are put in to a special training program where they are advanced far beyond others of their own age.

Training takes place mostly in the Ria, as that is the base of the Tethinrhim, some even more advanced trainings happen out side the Ria, however this is specified and only a selective few are allowed to do this, generally this only refers to the older and more experienced. The teachings never come to a complete stop, as one can never learn or train enough.

Discipline is a major influence to the Tethinrhim, and therefore for the Kaierian as well, if not more so. Disobedience is not tolerated at all, you are there to learn and train, failing to do so will bring about punishment, sometimes verbal, although physical is more than likely used. Even the Tethinrhim are elves, they will punish in a physical way when required.

As the student grows they are taken to more advanced trainings, each series containing a various set of skills, which the student must learn so that they can continue to the next level.

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