(543-501 b.S.) Human captain of the Erpheronians during SW II. Kaertherom is called the "Grey" as even in his young years he was already endowed with grey hair, a sign of age and experience - and a captain of great experience indeed he was, even in his youth.

The human captain Kaertherom the Grey as drawn by Faugar.

Among Kaertherom's most remarkable deeds belongs the heroic defense of Voldar against massive elven assaults at the end of the war. However, as SW II drew near to its end and a massive elven contingent approached the town, Kaertherom ordered the defending human army to withdraw completely from Voldar, leaving the town and the people there to the elves. Together with the remaining Erpheronian divisions Kaertherom fought the elves at the Last Stand at the Selidor Pass at the so-called "Fortress of the Blood". The battle ended with an utter defeat of the Erpheronians. Hundreds of surviving humans followed the example of their leader Kaertherom and commited suicide at the battlements of the notorious Fortress of Blood.

Although the battle at the Selidor was a decisive one, Kaertherom's contingents never had a chance as his army was multiple times outnumbered by the elven forces. Kaertherom is still adored by several young knaves as the representation of braveness. Although his decision to hand over Voldar to the elves at the first glance sounds cowardish, it indeed was a wise one, as the town and the people of Voldar remained practically unharmed due to the elven strategy of warfare never to attack innocent people or even to occupy their territories which they need for their day's living.

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