Jamliso (931-972) was a moderately successful mage from the city of Ximax, best known for simplifying the casting of spells without losing their quality or strength. He also advanced the use and identity of metals or stones that could best be integrated in certain spells, many of which he used to make minor enchanted items.

Biography. Jamliso was born in the fishing village of Nepris on the Adanian Sea at the eastern Sarvonian coast. He was never able to follow his father into fishing due to the simple fact that he could never go out onto the ocean without becoming violently ill. He was moved to repairing netting and the drying wracks. This proved not to work out well as he spent too much time daydreaming and trying to find better ways of doing things. What brought him to magic he never said but rumor suggests he caused some magical trouble and was sent to Ximax to learn control and its proper uses.

When Jamliso got to Ximax it became evident what his main problem at his village was: he was clumsy. He was constantly tripping over his own feet, falling to his hands and knees or bruising his shins on something. It was also quite evident he had a natural talent for magic and it had been recorded in the magician histories that many of his training sessions were quite eventful. It is believed he found other ways of casting magic due to his tendency in fumbling through many of the motions. Because of this he found - more or less accidentally - many simpler ways, which he termed "tightening control", but were just as effective in casting magic. He got interested in working with making enchanted items for probably the same reason, to have magic to use without having to cast it.

The curious thing though, he never made any enchanted item with strong magical properties. All were made with powerful binding magic for lasting effects but the actual magical enchantment was never as powerful as the binding. For example, he would make an enchanted necklace that would last for generations but do no more then enhance the wearer's appearance, never making them a ravishing beauty. When asked the reason for this Jamliso just answered: "What's the point?". Jamliso also gave away all his enchanted items to friends or people he liked. He would not make any enchanted items on request just what he felt like making or maybe trying. Except for a known few, it is not really known how many enchanted items Jamliso actually made.

Jamliso himself only kept one enchanted item, a ring of healing. Some say this was the only powerfully enchanted item he ever made. Others say it was just like all the rest and he personally used it to take care of all his minor scraps and bruises. Whichever the truth, it is generally accepted that he was murdered for this very ring.

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