(1658-1626 b.S.) Youngest brother of Drafas Tristin, the founder of Strata. Took the leadership over the city when his brother had left in his madness and had changed to Dragonform. Being the closest relative to Drafas the citizens believed he should control their town. Gerwon organized the city under the Rule of the Four Houses and started building a harbour quarter for the city. He died at a young age because of his ailing health.

Gerwon Tristin was the youngest brother of Drafas and one of the few relatives that had joined him for his journey south. As a young boy he already showed that he favoured organization, order and justice above all other values in life and upon these values he had also founded his lifestyle.

Gerwon survived the journey with Drafas only barely as he was constantly ill and more a burden for the band of travellers then a happy child to light up their darkness. But he stayed alive mainly because of his strong will to accomplish his ideas forming in his head and in the years passing after the founding of the city he grew to become a smart youth, but not as strong as his father had been. But his intelligence matched the lack of power he had and for his intelligence he was also chosen by the population to rule the city after the strange disappearance of his famous brother.

The city of Strata wasn’t controlled by Drafas very strictly and Gerwon saw that a string leadership could only be realised if the population stayed low in number. However, this was not the goal of the citizens at all. Many children were born in the years after the founding and their number was rising daily. Thus when Gerwon came to power he constructed a ruling system based upon the system of Voldar. When compared to the Voldarian system however it is still quite different. The Ruling System of Strata consists of only four houses, namely “The Ruling House”, “The Executing House”, “The Administrating House” and “The Inspecting House”, each house being founded from one family and having a special task. Together the Houses ensure a working society.

The new system of the four houses was immediately introduced to the new city and was the very first political decision of Gerwon. It was, though, one of his most impacting and revolutionary acts as a politician in his short career. Afterwards Gerwon left most of the political decisions and issues to his members of the House and spent all his time thinking on more ideas to improve his city. It is said that it was Gerwon who as the first of the colonists entered the huge lighthouse that stood at the cape. Though no one knows who indeed built it, it certainly gave one the excellent possibility to overview the surrounding lands. So thought Gerwon as  he climbed the ruined tower, leapt over the gaps in the winding stairs and finally reached the top. Many think that Gerwon had his idea for a beautiful and functional harbour at this place, although others doubt that he had even reached the top of the lighthouse because of his bad health. The fact remains that under Gerwon’s rule the construction of a gigantic harbour was started, but Gerwon himself has never seen it finished. The harbour should become one of the most frequented trading ports of Stratania and later on Santharia, connecting several continents with the Sarvonian lands.

It was in 1626 b.S. - only four years after his chosing - that Gerwon died of a heavy attack of illness. His rule was taken over by his son Brandol as the population still considered the law of succession by heritage the most important one. Gerwon was burned in the light of the setting sun at the west beach of Strata and his ash was given to the sea, as was done ever after him for every ruler of the city. A short poem was found in his sleeping chamber where he died, reflecting his nearing death:

"Life is laid upon a deathbed,
Colors fade into oblivion,
Finding myself encased in lead,
this fight of death I cannot win.

For when I lean upon life's cries,
the only crutch that I possess,
I see there is nothing before my eyes,
so death shall be my final rest."

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