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Estoy Mh'hern (560 b.S.- 404 b.S.) was an Eophyrhim drow, whose skills in necromancy turned her from a beautiful elven lady to a tortured servant. Her skills were not remarkably known until close to her death, when she conjured a Parade of the Dead to flee from assassins within the town of Nyermersys.

View picture in full size Picture description: The Eophyrhim necromancer Estoy Mh'hern. Image drawn by Fiorellina Mangiacore.

Biography. Estoy was born in the Eophyrhim Paelelon in rather calm times. She was high up on the Eophyrhim social ladder, and was considered beautiful among many. It was not uncommon for the Eophyrhim to wish their children to learn the ways of silence, the hunt and destruction, so when Estoy took a shine to the Dead Arts, her parents were not surprised.

When Estoy was 30, they told her that the best teacher in the
Paelelon would be expected a few villages over, and his name was Aptos. Estoy spent the next 15 years in Aptos' tutelage; Learing at a decent pace. She was more apt at raising the undead than using any of the other spells in her repetoire; and she is said of having much fun in conjuring bone-rats for pets.

While practicing a rather easy "waning" spell under supervision
, Estoy became frustrated. Aptos tried to instruct her in the proper manner, but Estoy seemed unable to do it. Aptos himself became frustrated, and soon the two were yelling and screaming; not at one another, but her inability to conjure simple spells yet her effectiveness to raise the dead. Estoy, in a heated moment angrily shouted the waning spell at Aptos to prove that she was incapable, but the spell was finally conjured, and took hold onto Aptos.

Apparently, Estoy's anger was a catalyst to her spells, and as frustrated as she was, that conc
eived to be the ferocity the waning spell took. Aptos screamed at Estoy to find another necromancer to reverse the spell somehow; Estoy was both too shocked and curious to leave. Several nearby elves came to Aptos' home to find what trouble the necromancer had gotten into; and found him decomposing; though still alive. As an elf rashed to his side to attempt to help, Estoy just watched; completely silent.

It took Aptos several days to pass on from Estoy's spell. Her anger made the spell difficult to break, and no decent healer could reverse the effects. For 10 years after Aptos' death, Estoy stayed at home; refusing to see anyone or socialize. When her parents did drag her out, she seemed weak and sullen,
and the once beautiful elven girl spoke to no one.

Estoy finally decided that she needed true harnessing of both her anger and her skills. She concluded that Ximax was the only place that would do so. She left the
Paelelon under cover of day and headed in that direction. She had little money to her name, and was discriminated against by many. She tried to move quickly, but was halted numerous times. This made Estoy more frustrated, and at nearly every town she entered, by the time she left, she had struck someone ill.

It took Estoy 5 years to reach Ximax
, city of magicians. She was awed by its towers and the area that surrounded the highly acclaimed school of magic. However, her field was shunned greatly, and that made just as outcast inside Ximax as she was outside.

She studied for 45 years in Ximax,
but her skills did not improve greatly. While she became more adept at raising the dead, any other spell she attepted to cast either did not appear, or worse; when it did apperar, it fed from her anger and frustration, producing terrifying results. Her tutelage became frightening for her professors, and she was soon barred from many classes. She left Ximax after facing her barring, and decided to make her living in Horth, doing something simple and non-threatening: She eventually became a server at the Prancing Rusik, which specialized in the exotic.

It was in Horth
five years after her flight from Ximax, that Estoy encountered Ashadar, a high-level human necromancer from Ximax. For some reason, he was no longer there, but he did not elaborate. The two got to talking of Ximax, and she told him of her difficulty with the staff there, and more of her own skills. Ashadar promised to Estoy that if she only travelled with him and his band of men, she would learn everything he could teach her. Having no money and longing for someone to understand her plight, she agreed.

Thus began her indentured servitude to Ashadar. He treated her terribly, but his powers far exceeded her own and she was unable to fight back. Ashadar took advantage of Estoy as much as he could; and never truly taught her anything of importance
, only what proved of advantage to him. She was his servant to every whim, and she detested it. This went on for some 30 years.

At one particular point, in the pubilc square in Westhron, Estoy turned on Ashadar. Without any appearenace of frustration, she simply turned and struck out at him. Ashadar was stunned, and was unable to concentrate on any spells to cast, he simply began striking back. He succeeded in splitting Estoy's lip. As Estoy tossed him to the ground and began bludgenoning him with her fists, she began spewing every spell
she could possibly remember. Some worked, some did not. The split in her lip caused her to spray blood into a relatively close animal pen; she conjured 3 rats, a horse and a cat to her aid. She also successfully cast a waning spell upon Ashadar. Augmented by her anger, the spell began turning Ashadar into true ash within minutes; his anguished cries pierced the air.

Estoy rose quickly and tried to flee the scene, but the shocked and frightened locals chased her. Ashadar's henchmen tried to grab Estoy as well, but she fled into the wilderness.

more than 15 years Estoy ran from the henchmen and the Westhron locals and their stories. Estoy had to avoid cities; as they recognized her from tales that spread through the region. The henchmen were able to keep tabs on her in this fashion, and perpetuated the story; making it more terrifying in each town they went to. Soon, Estoy was believed to be a mhorasty who devoured babies in the night and drank blood for sustenance; she grew the dead from the ground with her touch.

A Zombie

View picture in full size Picture description:  Zombies killing the henchmen following Estoy Mh'herin. Image drawn by Faugar.

But finally Estoy's plight ended. She reached the large town of Nyermersys, whose Quepruran clerics, she hoped, would understand her. The henchmen were heavy on her trail, and the tale of Estoy had reched the town long before she had. She was balked and and ridiculed as she looked for sanctuary, and with a look over her shoulder; realized that the henchmen were closer than ever. As she tried to enter a tavern, one of the henchmen took a shot at her, and pierced her arm with an arrow. Estoy abrubtly began to scream, and began flinging her arm, spreading her blood all over the area. She then began to conjure the dead, springing up the corpses of dead animals. With the open wound and the knowledge, Estoy ran to the cemetery, henchmen in tow.

As Estoy ran through the cemetery, she flung her arm and rose the newly-buried dead. The henchmen balked at the wall of zombies before them, and quickly tried to dispatch them. Some of the henchmen wound up injuring others, and two of them wound up dying in the Nyermersys graveyard. Yet some succeed
ed in beraking through, and gave chase.

Estoy knew that she would die that day, and gave in. She sat down upon a tombstone, and prayed to the gods that she would be retrieved in the proper fashion. When the henchmen found her, they found her already dead; per
ched upon the tombstone like a statue herself. One of the hencmen fumed, and cleaved off her head. They threw her body in a newly-dug grave, and pretended that she never existed.
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Importance. Estoy still lives in horror tales and stories around the region, though they have been blown out of proportion. She is not exactly a martyr, but some magi have begun to use the term "Estoy" for beginning mages who have much power but little promise in structured teaching.
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