Diraton of Caelum

View picture in full size Image description: The sacrifice of Diraton of Caelum. Drawn by Vaelaron.

(808 b.S.-789 b.S.) Young human hero of SW I. Diraton, the captain of the cavalry of a small division belonging to the human tribe of the Centoraurians, was captured by the elves after they destroyed his army at the Xythrian Ridge north of the Rimmerins Ring. As the elves knew through one of their spies that Diraton's cavalry only was meant to distract the main forces of the elves so that a huge human army could ambush the supposedly unexpecting elves, Diraton was forced by the darkelf Beringstin Dimeye to guide the elven army to the secret hideout of the gathering human forces. Diraton however managed to lead the elves into the Anaios Gap where many of his followers died. The Centoraurians moreover bear the picture of the heroic Diraton astride a winged steed as their coat of arms, thus honoring his galant self-sacrifice in the service of his race.

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