(236-282) Very few is known about the founder of the city of Pendalu at the continent of Akdor from the time before his 24th cycle, when he refused to fight the Nirlei to defend his country, and he went away with a few close friends in a small caravan to the west. As he continued his journey westward more and more people decided to abandon the army and accompany Mear and his group hoping to find deserted land....

Dalum Mear Aechl˙m

View picture in full size Picture description: Dalum Mear Aechl˙m, founder of Pendalu. Image drawn by Faugar.

When the winter neared they still hadn't found what they were looking for and were confronted with the immense sea and morale was lower than ever when the original inhabitants started to maraud the group, which had grown to about 15.000 when some of the Penda'u who had been fighting the Nirlei had joined them. As most of the cattle had been taken with them there hadn't been a big problem with the food until then, but supplies were running low... 

The Penda'u would have been shattered across the land if it had not been for the leadership of Dalum, who immediately ordered to attack the native inhabitants, the Pendrig Sauthar, who were only poorly armed. He himself was always in the first battleline, and thus the different clans were brought together, as detachments had participants of every clan, and even before frosts of winter began, most of the enemy had retreated to their main land, leaving their acres and the bodies of their closest friends. 

The first winters the Penda'u lived in the lower lands, assimilating the rest of the Sauthar that hadn't fled, and learning the first principles of agriculture. But their group kept on growing bigger and bigger as more and more Penda'u escaped from their homeland, and even the new land couldn't feed all of them. As hunger grew, old clanfeuds were reanimated as they still lacked a capitol and government, chances for survival were growing smaller and smaller by every week. 28 years old, Mear, then married, was standing on the western cape, looking at the small island then known as Aichet, when he first saw the possibilities of it as a place for a city of trade, as a capitol to bind his people, as a bridge to the Pendrig Sauthar mainland. 

Within two months, he set up an expedition, and within two months the island and the easternmost part of Keruillon (the Pendrig Sauthar mainland) had been conquered. On the first day of that spring, he founded Pendalu, named after the people he had been working for his whole life, and would be working for the rest of his life. 

He became mayor of the new-founded city, which florished within a few years, and soon became the capitol of the Penda'u, as every year the clanleaders went there for their conventions. 

When Dalum Mear died in 282 he had turned the fleeing people of the Penda'u in a proud people with a growing commerce and a small island in the Bay of Wealth he gave the opportunity to become one of the greatest trading towns in Eastern Akdor. 

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