Daimen Athsinth (1252 a.S.-1300 a.S), who began as a meagre Avennorian trader throughout the Santharian province of Manthria became a known, not to mention a much richer man, after establishing the "Mithral Minnow", A popular inn within the village of Aesthran located on the Mad-Path en route to Crazy Woman Pass through the Mithral Mountains. He would continue his life as a successful merchant until the date of his death in 1300 a.S. leaving behind a small trading company as well as the legacy of the "Mithral Minnow".

Appearance. Around the date of his death, Daimen was a shorter than average Avennorian. He kept his greying hair relatively short and tidy. Tidy, actually, could define his appearance in its entirety. He was always well-shaved and dressed presentably. His wardrobe consisted of various alluring clothing, adorned with various pieces of jewellery as he attempted to show off his growing wealth. His outfits often included golden trimming, or other attire that was golden in colour. He found that gold, much like his jewellery made his wealth that much more apparent. Return to the top

Personality. Over the years, Daimen was labelled as being very hard to bargain with. He held to his price, and rarely wavered from it. This may have been why he was so successful. However, he was a very intelligent person and knew how to read other traders' and customers' personalities, which made him seem very hard to bargain with. The truth was he knew exactly what he could get and made sure he got it. Part of this apparent stubbornness was due to his family’s financial position when he first began venturing into the marketplace. Daimen and his father, Garrard, clothed like lowly peasants, mingled amongst well-dressed merchants. This eventually brought about a desire to improve his own situation, to rise above what he was born as, a farm boy.

Despite having to sever many ties with his family, due to the hectic travelling schedule, coupled with his wife and family, Daimen still ensured that they were well-off, receiving a portion of his profits, when he was able to spare him. This would occur later in his career. These gifts helped the Athsinth family of Twynor to grow and become the owners of one of the largest farms in the village.

When it came to his wife Illine and their three children, he was very affectionate. Daimen saw them so very little when they first became a family he made the most out of every single opportunity with them. His only son Horran, the eventual heir to his legacy, grew up to become a very similar man. Hard to bargain with, but ensuring that he maintained a balance between his work and his family, wherever possible. Return to the top

Biography. Birth of a Farmboy. Daimen was born, the third child of eight, in the moderately sized farming community of Twynor. His father, Garrard, despite running the farm, regularly ventured into Marcogg to sell the goods that the family had accumulated over the growing season. He would grow up to be his father’s “escort” into Marcogg where he would develop an affinity for the marketplace. He would learn how to find the best deal possible and barter with the other traders to receive the most for the product he was selling. This however, would only be the foundation that would lead Daimen throughout his life. Garrard eventually became very ill and Daimen took over the duties entirely at the age of 18. Although not as respected or as wise, Daimen was a better trader than his father and pulled in a record for the family during his first venture into the city.

The Founding of the Manthrian Trade Group. After diligently working as the Athsinth family’s emissary into Marcogg, Daimen received a proposal from a fellow merchant. He offers to start a trading company between them in order to try and gain a better foothold in the markets throughout Manthria. Daimen welcomes this change of pace, making the proper arrangements to ensure his family’s well-being. His younger brother Gerard would take over the duties.

At the age of 21, Daimen and a fellow merchant, Morien, co-found the Manthrian Trading Group (MTG). At first they only covered a small area surrounding Marcogg where they split this area in half. It extended from Marcogg to the Eastern Shore, as far north as Holt and as far south as Yantelian. Daimen patrolled the north-eastern section of this agreement, frequently passing over the Mithral Mountains.

A Glimpse of a Wife and Home. During a brief stop in Chrondra, Daimen would meet his eventual wife. She was Illine, a local clothier, who was bartering with another merchant when Daimen overheard her. Her spark in the marketplace was what first drew him to her, but a beautiful figure and a supportive personality would keep his heart for the rest of his life. In addition to this Chrondra would eventually become his home and evidently his grave.

The Founding of the "Mithral Minnow". The Crazy Woman Pass became a regular trek for the trader. These ventures were long and tiring, keeping Daimen away from his newfound wife and their first child. To make things worse, once he did complete his journey, he would be far too exhausted to really interact with his family before having to ship himself off back on another excursion. This would all change.

During another weary trek towards the Mithral Mountains, Daimen decided to stop and rest in a small hamlet along the Olantani River on a road known as the Mad-Path, which itself leading up into the mountains by way of the Crazy Woman Pass. This hamlet was dependent entirely upon the mithanjor minnow, a small fish that flourished in the river that this little settlement was established upon. However, being the intelligent businessman that he was, Daimen recognized an opportunity and began to put it into motion.

Daimen was aware that a lot of traders avoided villages east of the Mithral Mountains as it was very exhausting. By knowing this, he planned on establishing an inn, the last stop before you made your pass through the Mithral Mountains. This inn would be called the "Mithral Minnow". It started very small, with only a few rooms for patrons on a second floor with a bar and small common room situated underneath. Yet, it was very popular amongst the residents of this village, known today as the village of Aesthran (it became a village as opposed to a hamlet largely due to this very inn).

Back in Marcogg, Daimen began to spread the word of this inn. He received a portion of the profits from the family that he had left to manage and maintain the new business, the first of these innkeepers being Lucien Wilibald III.

A Growing Group. The MTG had grown considerably over the years, other merchants buying in to this agreement in an effort to avoid squabbles over territory and the like. However, with a portion of these profits going to Damien, his need to travel decreased dramatically. He was finally able to spend time with his wife and children (the count, by 1292 a.S., had totalled 3 – the third being his only son, Horran, who would eventually inherit Damien’s legacy). Despite his freedom from the marketplace, he still enjoyed the challenge of the trade and still made occasional ventures into the local markets.

Death. At the age of 48, Daimen was still a regular trader in the Chrondra market. The MTG continued to prosper and the Athsinth family was growing incredibly rich because of it. However, his dedication and determination to achieve the best deal in the market eventually led to a squabble with a fellow trader. Later that evening, Daimen made his way home as usual when he was suddenly attacked and murdered. He was found with multiple stab wounds in his back. Being one of Chrondra’s biggest celebrities to date, Daimen was honoured with a plaque that was placed on the town centre's fountain. It is accompanied by several other plaques, referencing other great people to have dwelt within the city. The plaque reads:

Daimen Athsinth (1252 a.S – 1300 a.S)
Merchant of Manthria
Founder of the MTG
Founder of Aesthran 
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Importance. Despite establishing a very successful trade group in Manthria, it remained relatively unknown. Very few people are actually aware of its existence. It is, in essence, more or less a collection of merchants who organize Manthria in a way that they will minimize the amount of competition. This however, was not the legacy that Daimen leaves behind.

What he is, and will always be known for, is the creation of the "Mithral Minnow" inn and therefore the founding of the village known as Aesthran. Only a few years after becoming a merchant and establishing the MTG, Daimen seized a wonderful economic opportunity that not only bolstered his own wealth and that of the village, but also provided a very important and popular stop for travellers and traders venturing through the Mithral Mountains
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