(313 b.S.-273 b.S.) Eyelian heroine of SW III, the War of the Coming of Coór'Melór, captain of the so-called Blood Wing division, an aerial combat formation consisting of twelve gryphs. Later on ferocious mercenary.

Candillia the Willful
View picture in full size A heroine of the Order of the Wings: Candillia the Willful. Picture drawn by Faugar.

Candillia originated from the Order of the Wings, an exclusive order of female fighters, which was founded at the time of SW I by the Eyelians at the southern peaks of the mountains of the Rimmerins Ring. As is tradition at the Order Candillia was bound to a gryph at the early age of five, who should accompany her throughout her life. Her Gryph's name was Kaelehion, a powerful beast with whom she later on fought on the side of Caeorphynn the Orkenslayer to retake Carmalad from the orcs who have overrun the town at 292 b.S. Like Caeorphynn Candillia was well known for her strong will and fast decisions in the chaos of battle and thus saved many lives of her fellow fighters. However, her strong will was not only appreciated by those who fought on her side, but also often feared. The willful manoeuvres she led often also unnecessarily endangered the fighters and in rare cases even led to the death of her own combatants. It is told that because of her ruthlessness Candillia was even attacked by one of her own kind of the Order and that she once killed a dear friend in the act of self-defense. She is said to have not shown any regrets about this killing.

After the victorious battle at Carmalad in 288 b.S. Candillia was expelled from the Order of the Wings. Although most of her deeds were acclaimed, she had broken the Order's oaths never to bed with a man, and she was detested by most of her fellow combatants for her lack of comradship. In the remaining 15 years of her life Candillia worked as a mercenary for different masters. She died a few days after Kaelehion, the gryph she was bound to, was shot by elven archers.

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