Aehrín Hélvil'avásh (328-110 b.S.) was the Rónn of the treeborne Maeverhim elves of the Sharadon from 235 b.S. to his death in 110 b.S. on the assault by the Móch'rónn. During this time his rule was for the most part uneventful, save for his departure for the Thaelon for the Elven Council. For many elves, travelling is no dilemma, but as the Maeverhim had established their worship of Grothar, it was considered disgraceful to touch the earth. Despite this massive setback Aehrín still fulfilled his duties as a Maeverhim, a Rónn and a member of the High Elven Council, helping to choose the Ylfferhim Anthioullsn as the High Rónn of the elves. Despite a good choice, the Rónn Aehrín was murdered by dark elves of the Móch'rónn when they attacked the Sharadon.

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Biography. Aehrín was born in 328 b.S., in the Maeverhim elves colony of Genth, one of the closest colonies to Seraia. A bridge of 30 peds links the two towns, which makes Genth more hospitable and welcoming to visitors. Aehrín was the firstborn, and he took his father's dark hair and mother's green eyes. His youth was the same as any Maeverhim child, save that Aehrín had a fondness for making others happy before his own self, a rare trait among the elves of the treetops. He learned to cultivate as all Maeverhim do, but in his free time he practiced with a bow. His skills progressed steadily due to his dilligence, as well as his fondness for the past-time. Weapons were a bit unusual in the Sharadon colonies, but Aehrín was an excellent shot and made a sport of it. By the time he was 26, a few days a week, several of his friends and he would play "Capture the Wind", a game that involved a wooden hoop and arrows with strings attached. The goal was to send the arrow through the ring and string it. Aehrín was quite good at it, which enticed more and more elves to try it.
Aehrín had devised a whole tournament for the game, and elves had come from around the Sharadon to participate and watch. As Aehrín had invented the game, he was naturally the best at it, and did very well. However, several of the elder, white-haired elves had more life and practice and wound up winning, but that never discouraged Aehrín. He had created something that everyone enjoyed and it filled him with a sense of accomplishment.

During the next 40 years,
Aehrín gave himself to the colony and the tribe, selflessly volunteering his skills and services to those that needed them. Doing things for others became his forte, and he was constantly running errands and babysitting. The other elves saw him as a valuable commodity and he was elevated in popularity by his peers. As the present Ránn Ethinar grew old, rumors and gossip abounded that Aehrín may take the title; his kindness and selflessness were a virtue not easily cultivated among the Maeverhim. Eventually, when Aehrín was the young age of 93, the elderly Ránn Ethinar passed into the Dream, and Aehrín was quickly appointed Rónn of the Maeverhim.

As far as
Maeverhim go, things did not change much. Aehrín continued to assist his fellow elves, though his stature as Rónn made others follow in his footsteps. Aehrín soon discovered that others were being considerate and helping out and that he had more time to practice the bow, and he even met a loveley tawny-haired elf named Chaisa, whom he dated for 18 years and then married on his 110th birthday.

The couple produced a child twenty years into their marriage, a daughter named Delár. She was quite the tomboy, often jumping and gliding about, she even began to take an interest in the bow. Chaisa and Aehrín worried about her hurting herself, but she seemed very adept at it and by the time she was 20 they assumed no harm was to befall her. Delár seemed to be the female equivalent of her father, and those that saw her on a daily basis agreed.

However, Delár was very headstrong, and despite what the entire tribe had done for centuries, Delár left the
Maeverhim villages to see the rest of Sarvonia at the age of 32. This pained her parents greatly; she would tread upon the earth and no longer be welcome in her lofty home. Though it did not drag down Aehrín's popularity, it made the Rónn melancholic and a bit less lively.

For the next thirty years, Aehrín and Chaisa attempted to have another child, but without success. Some claimed that Aehrín had given all the life he could spare to the daughter that left him behind. Making another child would destroy the Rónn, they believed, and that Grothar held him back.

By the year 135 b.S. the Rónn Aehrín had returned to as normal as he could, still assisting and caring for his people in his home-colony of Genth, while still having time to enjoy his own life with his wife.

Things were remarkably similar as all other years of Rónn Aehrín's rule until 126 b.S. An urgent and un-announced visit by a travelling party of Quaelhoirhim threw the
Maeverhim into a sense of shock. The party, led by the lady elf Elrissae demanded that the Rónn of the Maeverhim come to their aid to choose the new High Rónn. The Móch'rónn was poised to take the title, and many did not want to see this happen; especially the Quaelhoirhim, who had a history of leading the Elven Council. Another elf was in high contention for the High Rónn spot, a Ylfferhim named Anthioullsn. Despite that elf's best intentions, as well as his natural leading ability, the Quaelhoirhim wanted one of theirs as High Ránn, namely Elrissae.

Though tradition and worship were against it, Aehrín decided to travel to the Thaelon. However, he made conditions with Elrissae and her party that though he may be close to the earth than ever before, he would in NO circumstance touch it, nor would he eat of the food that grew beneath it. As he stated these conditions to his own tribe, Aehrín also asked for the relatives of the EarthBurned elves to reach them, so the impures may act as a guard for the travelling Rónn. Aehrín wanted a guard he could trust, but did not want to forcefully defile his subjects and friends.

As he waited for the Burned to arrive, he began making plans for a new Rónn to take his place during his absence. As he appointed his wife Chaisa the incumbent Ránn, he explained to her what his processes were, and explained what to do and how to get ahold of him, should she desire to. Several EarthBurned elves arrived within short notice, one being Aehrín's daughter Delár. He was happy of this, and quickly departed.

Aehrín was escorted by a pair of Quaelhoirhim to the Thaelon, with his party of
Maeverhim earthdwellers, as they carried an elevated birge upon their shoulders. In this fashion Aehrín could travel without treading the earth. This process made travel slow and tedious, as well as wearing out the bearers. It took nearly a year for Ronn Aehrín to reach the Thaelon, his legs had lost their tone and musculature greatly. Once they reached the edges of the forest, the elves abandoned the birge and scattered into the trees, though Aehrín needed assistance for his legs worked poorly.

When the elven High Council began in 125 b.S. Aehrín was present, and voiced his opinions. He met elves of the other tribes, and was very open and receptive to what was asked of him. Though the isolated seperation of his tribe from all others made him a bit slow to understand the other elves in terms of history, this also made him impartial, for the most part. Many a time he was asked of his opinion of certain subjects, though heavily infuenced by his own
Maeverhim colony, and friendship with the Quaelhoirhim.

Despite his impartial qualities, they labeled him as simply a puppet for Elirssae, who was the one who retrieved him. This made Aehrín frustrated. Time and time again he tried to voice his feelings from a
Maeverhim point of view, but they were seen as mildly childish. Others listened with interest, the Aellenrhim were vastly interested with the whole of the Maeverhim; they sent a librarian to take note of all they did and said for records.

When the time came, Aehrín cast his vote, for the Quaelhoirhim. It was not that he didn't like the others, it just seemed that the most royal elves, ones that are used to ruling, should ascend. However, his vote would end up being useless, as many of the other tribes found Anthioullsn appealing and a good choice. He was named High Rónn of the Wood Elves.

Aehrín left the Thaelon after congratulating Anthioullsn, and headed back home, picking up the birge at the edge of the forest and carried home. However, his daughter Delár stayed, taking up friendship with the Aellenrhim librarian and later moving to the Bolder forest.

In 124 b.S. Aehrín returned to his forest, and his EarthBurned guards attested to his ability to avoid the ground. These words were all that the
Maeverhim needed to hear.

Aehrín received the Rónn status from his wife, and he began to rule as he had before. However, due to the atrophy of his legs from the travels, his gaunt legs worked terribly, and he had some difficulty walking, and this saddened him. He could no longer assist his people. Some five years after his return, he decided to let Chaisa share the rule, as he was physically unable to do as he wished.

Aehrín spent a considerable amount of time at his home, tending to his plants and taking care of they younger
Maeverhim children. Things were calm and easy for the Maeverhim forest; secluded from the goings on of the outside world.

It was not until 110 b.S. that the events of the Thaelon council would arise to affect the
Maeverhim. Saban Blackcloak had decided to attack those involved with the Council, mostly those that were easy to attack. The High Rónn lived among his people, and due to the density of the forest, was difficult to reach. Saban, in anger and frustration decided to attack nearly anyone. They gained access of the Maeverhim villages through the town of Seraia, and sealed off the exit.

Genth was one of the closest towns to Seraia, and the entire town was slaughtered. Homes were set ablaze,
Maeverhim children discarded from the lofty treehomes by means of being thrown from the sides, and the adults were nearly defenseless due to their lack of need for weapons. Those that knew the way of the ropes and ladders escaped thicker into the forest.

Aehrín quickly took up arms with several of his childhood friends, and tried to fend off as many of the dark elves as they possibly could; taking down a good many as they guarded the passages to deeper colonies. Several times the idea of destroying the bridges arose, but Aehrín kept a level head and decided that would only imprison the elves.

Aehrín finally went down in battle, smoke inhalation made it hard to breathe, the billows of smoke made it hard to see, and the Móch'Rónn Saban Blackcloak beheaded the Rónn himself.
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Importance. Aehrín made important contributions to the tribe before his coronation; his willingness to serve made him a good role model for many others as well as the love of making all happy being a serious point of living to all Maeverhim. As Rónn, he continued to be kind, on a much wider scale than before. The Decision at the Thaelon again spread his kindness, this time to all tribes, who remarked at the Rónn's ability to sacrifice himself for his people and for others. Even in death he was kind and sacrificed himself, and thus is the basis for the Maeverhim's kind additude toward all.
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