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Santharian Teaser

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Title Santharian Teaser
Description The teaser introduces new visitors to the site, it's main intention and everything which he/she will discover in these United Realms. It mainly shows off typical Santharian artwork.
Author Artimidor
Featured Works Faugar, Enayla
Length Approx. 4:20 Minutes
File Size Approx. 240 KB

The Hall of Fame
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Title The Hall of Fame
Description Featuring all Santharian members who have earned great merits by contributing to the Dream. The movie will be constantly expanded with new members. (P III or higher recommended for proper viewing!)
Author Artimidor
Featured Works Various Santharian artists,
background Faugar
Length n.a. [user directed]
File Size Approx. 435 KB

The Giant's Staircase
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Title The Giant's Staircase
Description A Portal guiding people interested in other quality fantasy sites to their destiny. To be expanded whenever new quality fantasy sites link to the Santharian Dream.
Author Tony Walsh
Featured Works Tony Walsh
Length n.a. [user directed]
File Size Approx. 135 KB