Surgery is the practice of direct manual manipulation of an injury usually involving cutting open the body or entering an already open wound. This is differentiated from other practices such as medicine, herbalism, spiritualism or even magical healing. However these various healing disciplines may play a role in the surgical process.

Standard Procedures. Surgery has historically been the domain of the human and elven races in Santharia. The primary need arose on the battlefield as injuries occurred. There was a time when even the most minor injury resulted in a permanent disability or death. Over time the humans and elves learned that by intervening the injury could be managed or even fully corrected. The other main races of Sarvonia have not advanced as far as humans and elves in the practice of surgery for various reasons. Dwarves have advanced in some of the more barbaric surgical procedures described here; however the delicate surgeries requiring finesse and patience seem to go unpracticed by most dwarven tribes. Orcs have not advanced far in surgery for an entirely different reason. Surgery requires that one person helps another person to be healed. In general when an orc becomes injured the other tribe members view this as a weakness and will let the orc die. In some rare cases a particularly brave orc will attempt a makeshift surgery on his own body, however the effects of pain, blood loss and infection usually take over.

In the author's travelers throughout Sarvonia he has seen many varying surgical procedures. Kelancey the Green has this to say:

“I have been truly amazed by the ingenuity of the advancements in the practice of surgery as well as disgusted by the barbarism I have seen. Unfortunately it seems that most tribes throughout Sarvonia practice more of what I would call elementary surgery with only the larger populated areas like New-Santhala practicing the advanced techniques. My hope is that through the Compendium healers all over Sarvonia will learn the advanced techniques and that these practices will become more commonplace in the remote areas of our lands, thereby saving many lives.”

The following are the various surgical procedures witnessed in the travels of Kelancey the Green:

Experimental Procedures. The following procedures can be categorized as "experimental":

Closing Wounds. Surgical wounds are closed in generally the same manner as the various types of cuts and wounds. Examples include the following:

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