Spell Effect. A spell originally employed by the Brownies wielding Life Magic, Biorhythm can connect a mage with all non- and low-sentient living beings around him, allowing the caster communication (as far as it can be done) and partial control of them.

Although the effect looks simple, it is in reality both complex and powerful. A mage could e.g. cast Biorhythm in a forest, enabling him to control the wines and worms, making them attack and hinder his enemies. A more powerful mage would actually be able to call animals to his aid. It should be noted that since animals are deemed sentient, a mage could only call, but not command them. - Mages specializing in using nature as their ally (this might also refer to druids in a more clerical sense) are known to use a kind of Biorhythm spell almost instinctively, without special formulas and procedures. They also show great power in commanding animals, although few can explain that phenomenon.

A more peaceful use could be to locate somebody in a forest, or find where a clearing is located. The possibilities are manyfold, and with other spells used in connection with Biorhythm, they only grow bigger.

As previously stated, this spell was originally created by the Brownies. However, at some point in history, Xeuá mages discovered that with slight modifications, the result of the spell could be achieved by them as well, but requiring more control and better knowledge of magic, which is based on Xeuá connections. Return to the top

Casting Procedure. To successfully cast this spell, a mage has to be in direct contact with the earth, or in contact with something connected to earth. While connected, the caster has to focus on being one with the earth and all living, while saying the first part of the formula aloud. If correctly performed, the caster will feel his heartbeat "synchronize" with his surroundings.

Now the most important part is to maintain one's own mind focussed and undistracted – for it will try to spread to the surroundings, and if one does not have proper control, the mind will be lost. One way is to say the second part of the formula quickly, thus making one a part of the surroundings, yet maintaining one's identity. However, if done too quickly, the spell may fizzle. Return to the top

Magical Formula. Be one with the land (temporary only). Return to the top

Target. Biorhythm is a self-spell, the target is the caster him-/herself. Return to the top

Reagents. No specific reagents are required, but the spell requires direct or (on higher levels) at least indirect contact with earth. Return to the top

Magical School. Xeuá School. Return to the top

Spell Class. Undecided. Return to the top

Range. The area one can influence varies greatly, however at the initiate level, it is usually not above 9 peds. For more information, consult this chart:

Casting Time. About 40 seconds. Return to the top

Duration. This spell will last until the caster breaks it, or until it is forcibly broken by other means. However, this spell drains energy from the caster as long as it is active, so the upper limit is loss of control due to exhaustion.

At some cases, like at the aforementioned druids, or when a forest has been under attack, mages linking with it to repel attackers have told to not tire of using the spell. When asked how that can be, they replied that: "The forests themselves kept us alive". Return to the top

Counter Measures/Enhancing Measures. This spell is countered by breaking the link between the caster and the land, or if the caster is well protected, damaging those he or she is linked to. Also, if the bond between the caster and the forest is very strong, he or she might actually feel damage and pain dealt to the forest. Thus, damaging it can be an easy way of breaking the caster's power.

Enhancing this spell can be done by any means of increasing general magical power. Also, using other spells to buff the things one is connected to can be most useful (e.g. a Giant Growth spell to make the wines under your control grow bigger). Return to the top

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