A Weaver's magic is now widely called Resonance Magic, after the discovery of an Old Weaver's library a decade ago. The reason for this is because the magic has a natural resonance field, although the frequency is high above the hearing range of any (known) living thing. Some Weavers speculate that this is the reason for the meditative state they go into, because the resonance blocks all other sound. This could also explain the need for delicacy in the Weavings, because if the resonance field is thrown off, it destabilizes the magic.

There are still obscure references in human magic books about Resonance Magic[1], an uncontrollable form of magic which was said to be the force which holds the world together. Although widely unheard of today, some magic history buffs might know a little something about it. The myths in the human magic books are yet to be proven. Not even the Weavers know if Resonance Magic holds the world together or not, but they do know that it is controllable, as they control it.

Weaver Techniques. Following is a list on the techniques used by Weaver Magic. They are divided in three groups: Power Techniques, Passive Techniques and Manipulation Techniques.

a) Power Techniques

b) Passive Techniques

c) Manipulation Techniques



[1] Note: It is believed that the way non-Weavers learned about Resonance magic is that a spyder possessed an Old Weaver who let the secret slip (some think that the Resonance Magic theory was wide-spread among Old Weavers). [return]

[2] That one elf is Tarquet Galbar, who is using his research into the subject to locate and reach the lost city of Delonaire. [return]

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