Spell Effect. This spell is a very potent addition to any Water magi's magical arsenal. It performs the effect of transforming the target into pure Water, making it unhindered by most attacks and several kinds of blockades. At lower levels, this spell can only work on relatively small objects, often those with a decent amount of Water cár'áll in it already. However, higher level magi have been known to liquidize even the largest, least affinite object.

A popular example among the young mages of the Blue Ward is the story of Ilksan Dax, a former Archmage of Water. Dax, in order to demonstrate the potency of this spell, had the entire Water Tower in Ximax emptied of students, and requested that the initiates of other towers hold visage over the event as well. In an extraordinary casting, Dax turned the massive structure into an awesome spectacle of pure, freefalling Water. Needless to say, everyone got soaked that afternoon.

There are dangers to the use of this spell, extremely hazardous ones at that, if cast on a person. For one, if the individual is in a small, enclosed space, such as a drainage pipe, when the duration of the spell expires, the resulting reversion can be fatal, the caster becoming flattened on his attempt to return to normal shape. Also, being near other bodies of Water is a bad idea, because one could lose many parts of ones own cár'áll to the natural rapids, again resulting in possible death, or disfigurement upon reversion. Pending on the size of the object, the Water can be entirely separated, but if spread too thin, it could become impossible to revert back to normal shape. In the case of the Blue Ward example (see above), the tower could have been spread throughout the entirety of Ximax Academy and still transform back to its normal shape, though the location would be where the highest concentration of Water is found. People in general can be spread out the length and width of any standard inn room, but any more than that is a risk that should be avoided if at all possible. - Another warning: it is recommended that the mage does not allow his liquid form to become frozen or boiled into steam. Reversion while frozen could keep the target frozen and thus possibly be fatal, while as steam a Water mage has little control over and could spread himself to thin into the sky above, and even if reversion is successfully completed, at such a height the target will most likely be killed upon impact with the ground.

This spell in effect increases the content of Water cár'áll in the target to almost the maximum. While movement is still possible, as long as the user under effect is a Water mage skilled in manipulating Water (powerful magi have been known to make their liquid bodies an elemental representation of their true forms), many other functions caused by the other elements decrease dramatically, such as emotion, reasonal thought, and solidity. One under the effect of this spell cannot see, hear, smell, feel, or taste, so a mental awareness of the surroundings through arcane means is a recommended course of action. This can be done by any skilled magic user who has learned the Xeuá spell 'Sixth Sense', which connects a mage with all the surrounding elements and allows him to sense them, similar to a natural attribute that a very small amount of elves possess. Return to the top

Casting Procedure. If he/she has not already done so, the mage must acquire an aquamarine stone, crush it as best as possible, and place it in a container of Water, if he has not yet advanced beyond the reagent stage. The mage must concentrate, doing so as best to his abilities, and then chant the formula as he holds the container in his left hand. The right hand will begin to feel cold, and, if done correctly, should begin to slowly excreed small droplets of Water. The mage must then touch whatever he/she wishes to transform with that hand (his forehead if he is casting it on himself), and then chant the formula again. If all has been done correctly, the target should begin to dissolve into a liquid substance. If desired, and if the caster has the strength to, the mage can cast this spell on multiple objects in the same round as long as he/she remains concentrating and holding the reagent, by touching different entities and stating the formula on each one. Ceasing concentration and/or releasing the reagent will cause the hand to stop releasing Water, and cancel any further applications of the spell from this state.

Note: It is wise to keep the reagent resting on a flat surface if the mage is casting the spell on him-/herself, as dropping the container after a successful completion will make the reagent invalid and could cause ill feelings to the caster on reversion for several days from the initiation of the reagent's cár'áll to his own. Return to the top

Magical Formula. Still to be added. Return to the top

Target. Any object, person, or thing can be liquidized, however, entities with a low affinity towards the element of Water tend to be far more difficult to have this spell cast on them. At lower levels, persons and large objects are rather challenging, and a young mage should wait until he/she is more advanced beforesuccessful attempts on these subjects can be expected. Return to the top

Reagents. Crushed aquamarine stone placed in a container filled with Water. Return to the top

Magical School. Elemental Magic, Water School. Return to the top

Spell Class. Transformation. Return to the top

Range. Direct contact is required for this spell to work. Return to the top

Casting Time. Approximately 15 seconds, pending on any foreign factors. Up to a minute or more if the mage requires reagents and has not yet prepared one properly for use. Return to the top

Duration. Personal skill, level, and concentration all a factor, it has been averaged that the duration of this spell is up to approximately forty minutes at lower levels, and as long as three hours at the highest levels of training. However, at any time the mage may utter the formula for reversion and instantly change back. Unfortunately, if the speaker of the formula is not himself a practitioner of Water Magic, the reversion process will not work, as the mage must concentrate on the mystic workings of reverting as he speaks the formula. Return to the top

Counter Measures/Enhancing Measures. Beings with a low affinity towards Water tend to be very resistant to this spell, and a dispel can instantly null the duration and cause an instant reversion. Another counter is for another mage to use Water Extraction to absorb the Water
cár'áll into himself, thus strengthening his own arcane powers and destroying the liquidized object or being. To enhance the spell, a mage can acquire a large amount of Water cár'áll before hand, by extracting their cár'áll through the Water Extraction spell. Return to the top

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