A relatively basic spell despite its high level, Waning literally drains the target of all traces of the element Earth and releases it into the cár'áll of the surrounding environment. By removing said Earth, the mage not only robs the affected of its strength, fortitude, weight and other characteristics attributed to the Earth, but creates an imbalance that throws the other elements into turmoil, instigating a deadly process that is physically and/or mentally scarring, if not fatal. Thus, as it is so destructive, Waning has been formally banned from use on living targets in Ximax.

Spell Effect. Waning manages to rob a target of its Earth ounía by using Sphere III methods to release the ounía into the environment. This release, permanently altering the elemental ratios within the target, causes any property affiliated with Earth to diminish.

Should this process not completely neutralize all Earthen properties and kill the victim after it has finished its course, a second, equally as devastating procedure begins. This derives from the void established by the sudden removal of one of the four components that create the structure. To accommodate for this cavity, the percentage of three elements in the target’s cár'áll will surge into the target. This realignment, completely uncontrolled by the mage, while it does not always change the substance itself, will always physically, emotionally or mentally scar the target in a long, life altering and painful process. It should be noted that if the target manages to survive, over time these physical and mental scars will lessen as the body takes in more Earth ounía to realign the cár'áll, leaving only hints of the initial ravages of the spell. Return to the top

Casting Procedure. After an optimal location has been reached, the spell takes a simple amount of preparation. A good minute of concentration can summon the mentality needed to cast properly. Adopting a firm stance upon their patch of Earth, the mage must then begin uttering the magic incantation repeatedly as they relocate the Earth ounía into the environment.

Let it be noted though, that casters above level 8 have such skill with this spell that they can control it to a great degree. They can cause their target to endure the drawn-out pain of dying or elongate the following damages. By the time they are above level nine, most magi can cause their target to die in a few blinks, before any counter is possible. Return to the top

Magical Formula. Still to be defined. Return to the top

Focus/Target. The target of this spell can be any object that contains Earth ounía in a substantial amount. Return to the top

Reagents. Some magi like to use common Earth reagents such as silkstone or powdered forms of Earth (i.e rock, sand etc.) Return to the top

Spell Class. Elemental Magic, Earth School, Physical Representation of Sphere III. Return to the top

Range. This spell can only affect those within a 3-4 ped diameter of the caster. Return to the top

Casting Time. Usually, the casting time of waning severely decreases as a mage progresses through the levels. While most magi start at a casting time of about half a minute, by level ten, most mages are able to cast the spell instantaneously. Return to the top

Duration. If successfully cast, the effects of the spell are always long lasting, especially if not treated with magical aid. If left to run its natural course, a target that has managed to survive the ravages of the spell will require at least twenty years to revert to their previous state of being if affected by a minor case. If large amounts of ounía have been removed, causing a great structural difference, it is possible the target will never recover. Return to the top

Counter Measures/Enhancing Measures. After the casting of the spell has been completed, it is nearly impossible to reverse its affects. However, while a mage is still in the process, Waning can be countered by either causing the spell to fizzle through harm to the mage or by using Earth or Xeuá magic to “hold onto” the Earth ounía in the target.

There are no known ways to enhance the spell, though none are needed as it is remarkably efficient on its own. Return to the top

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