The Antislar believe that everything in the world is balanced. Good and evil, life and death, light and dark. Everything. There are two separate and opposite forces. Each object has a certain amount of these forces, which in their natural state, can be higher or lower in one, but evenly distributed throughout the object. Antislar Manis (Scholars believe Mani is a shortened form of Manipulator) are able to shift these forces within the object in order to change the way it interacts with other objects around it. By the simple forces of attraction and repulsion, the Antislar have created a unique culture in the far Sarvonian wilderness.

Prevalence. The magic of Koraya, the Antislar name for both their only deity as well as the forces that inhabit everything in the world, is almost exclusively practiced in the Antislar territory in the Iol Peninsula. Though, there have been reports of individual Manis traveling far from home, this is by far the exception and not the rule. This can be attributed in large part to the threat that these Manis face from the Remusians. The Remusians have vowed to eliminate all magic from the north, and in the centuries long conflict between the two tribes, many a Mani has been killed by Remusian death squads. Return to the top

Concept/Worldview. Koraya, as a force, is found in every person, object, animal and plant. Each is imbued with this Koraya, which is further defined into what they call Marrow. Like the rich substance that flows through bones and gives life, Marrow flows through everything and gives it all their own uniqueness. Marrow is either Light or Dark Marrow. Everything is a shade of grey. There are lighter shades, and there are darker shades, but nothing is only comprised of a single type.

Light marrow is attracted to dark marrow, and vice versa. Light marrow is repelled by light marrow, and the same with dark marrow. This is why opposites so often are attracted to one another. Males are composed with more light marrow than are women. Lodestone is attracted to iron.

The Antislar Mani is able to manipulate the marrow of an object, not by creating or destroying it, but simply shifting it and separating it within that object. By pushing all the light marrow to one side and the dark to another, then doing the same with another object, a Mani can repell or attract objects.

It must be noted that this is only a temporary state, and that without the will of the Mani acting on the marrow of an object, the marrow will revert to its natural state and the attraction or repulsion will no longer apply.
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Basic Principles. As stated, all substances are created with marrow. This marrow is able to be manipulated by the sheer willpower of a Mani. From the few reports scholars have been able to gather through the years, a Mani uses no tools; no wands, no reagents, no books or spells. A Mani simply concentrates on the object, and in their minds eye can see the light and dark marrow displayed as different colours of light. The Mani is then able to force, through willpower alone, one type of marrow to one side and the other type to the other side.

An example of this is given here. A Mani who is charged with helping to build a fine fortress will concentrate on the ground beneath a cut stone. He will force all the light marrow to the surface, while forcing the dark marrow deep below. He will then concentrate on the stone, forcing the light marrow to the bottom of the stone and the dark marrow to the top. The light marrow of the surface of the ground and the light marrow at the bottom of the stone repell each other and force the stone off the ground.

The higher the skill of the Mani, the more he can concentrate the marrow in an object. A skilled Mani can thus lift that stone far higher than an unskilled one, placing it atop a very high wall. In this way, the Antislar have created extraordinarily tall spires in their cities. Much taller than would be possible from mechanical means.
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Abilities, Limitations, Restrictions and Practice. Anything that can be moved by attraction or repulsion is potentially within the sphere of a Mani's control. This is limited by the skill of the Mani.

This skill is limited by a few different factors. The natural ability of the Mani. Not all Mani's are created equal. Some have much more control than others. Women, by far the minority of Manis, tend to be stronger. Some scholars conjecture that it is because women have a stronger ability to internalize and withstand pain, as proved by anyone who has watched a woman withstand 20 hours of labour.

Size is the main limiting factor when it comes to a Mani's control over marrow. In order to lift a large stone, the Mani must not only harness the marrow in that large stone and shift and hold it, but also in a related amount of surface area of ground beneath it.

Distance is also a factor. The further an object is from a Mani, the harder it is to manipulate the marrow of that object. It seems that after an object reaches more than 50 or so peds, the ability to keep control of that objects marrow drops considerably. This is why when Manis are building spires and such other tall items, they will find a spot halfway up to work from. They need to be at a equal distance between where the stone starts and ends its movement.

Related to this is the speed of the moving item. Manis will often be found in the hold of Ice Skimmers helping them to travel over the ice and snow by reducing the drag on them. Manis have a difficult time controlling the manipulation of marrow in the surface area of the ground as they move over it and then beyond. Because of this, there have been instances where an Ice Skimmer traveling along at a good speed in a favourable wind will suddenly lurch to one side and drop hard onto the ground. Often referred to as a Marrow Drop, this can break the skis on the bottom of the ship and even tear open the bottom of the ship. Many injuries and a few deaths have been reported over the years because of Marrow Drop.

In almost every instance, the use of multiple Manis does nothing to improve the strength of manipulation, and in fact weakens it. It would seem that by having more than one Mani trying to manipulate marrow, that they tend to break the concentration of the other Mani. Therefore, two Manis cannot lift twice as much as one Mani could do. There have been notable exceptions to this rule, but so far, they seem to be limited to siblings, in particular twins, who each have the ability to manipulate marrow. As one might expect, the cases of siblings or twins where both have the ability are very rare.
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Locations. Manis can manipulate marrow nearly anywhere. One does not even have to be still in order to do it. In the Ice Skimmer ships that Antislar use for trade, A Mani will be in the hold of the ship as it travels over the ice and snow, and will be busy trying to use his ability to lessen the drag on the ship. This allows these Ice Skimmers to move at a high rate of speed even in only moderate wind conditions.
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Origins. It is not known who was the first Mani, or when Koraya came into existence. Indeed, it is not known how Manis are trained or chosen now. It appears that one is simply born with the ability to see the marrow in objects, and by training of their will, they can learn to manipulate it.

It is assumed that the development of Koraya came sometime after 500 bS. This assumption is based on the fact that part of the reason for Anif seceding from the Antislar was based on the Anif desire not to have anything to do with magic, a hold over from their shared heritage with the Ice Tribes. As well, few if any Anif have ever showed any ability to manipulate marrow.

For some unknown reason, it seems that more males are born with the ability to become Mani. It has been reported that this can be as high as 10:1. Just as mysteriously, it would seem that the female Mani are much more inclined to be more powerful.
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