Master Tribell's Miraculous Narrations   
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Introduction. This is a Brownie fairy tale, popularly told just before the little ones go to bed. Parents tell it to warn their children not to become too obsessed with one thing, or they will forget everything that matters. The children however, they love it because they hope to one day find Magic Wings, just like Taik did. They do grow out of this belief by the time their Choosing Day comes along, though... - The fairy tale was recorded and stored in the Council Tree by Cerubell Bluebark, member of the Scribbler's clan, who also translated it into Tharian.


aik Greenbark was a normal Brownie lad. He played with his friends, listened to his parents, and when it suited him to the Cunners as well. However, there was one thing in which he would not listen to anyone, and that was in his use of his Lleeterrs. He first started using them when he was barely five, and flew with them every day since then. At the time of our story, he was near his Choosing Day, so he had flown with his Wings for near on ten years.

At first his parents found nothing wrong with his pastime. After all, many Brownie children liked gliding along, even if most of them started at a somewhat later age. However, pretty soon Taik was looking for more challenges. He wanted to glide the farthest, start the highest, perform the best tricks, very often neglecting his own safety. No matter how often his parents urged him to take care, he would always look for the next challenge, the next opportunity to show his neck-breaking skills. It worried his parents, certainly after he fell and broke his arm once. But still nothing would stop him, and as soon as his arm was mended, he was gliding along on his wings again, dreaming that one day he'd be able to really fly.

Then one day, he realised that he had ignored the greatest challenge he could set himself. If he was looking for ever greater heights from which to descend, why had he not started from the top of the highest tree in all the Vale? So that same day, the very day before Choosing Day, he bound his Leeterrs on his back, and starting from his home in the middle of the Council Tree climbed up. And up, and up, and up. By the time he reached the very top of the Tree, at its 117 ped height, the sun was just setting behind the tall mountains surrounding the Vale. At this height, even Taik had to swallow slightly it was so very high. He sat on the highest place that he could find, and deliberated. Should he take his Wings and dive? Should he stay, and climb down the way he had come? But where would be the glory in that? No, he should just jump. But it was so very... well, high!

The next day dawned bright and glorious. All the young people would today choose the profession that they wanted to excell in. The Tree was alive with happy murmurings, like a sea of small noises, speculations on what tests they would have to undergo, well-wishings from all the family... except in one household. Taik's parents woke up to find that their son had not come home; had not even slept in his bed. They searched for him everywhere, involving more and more of their family and friends in the search; but to no avail. Taik was missing, and he could not be found. Many conjectures were made as to what might have happened did he run away? Did he dive from some high place and fell to his death? Maybe he had glided into the forest with his wings and been eaten by a fox? So many possibilities there were... But one thing was certain. From that day, they never saw their son again.

Now, you want to know what really happened, don't you? Well, I'll tell you. As Taik sat there, in the very very top of the Council Tree, he had a dream, even though he was wide awake. In his dream, he saw the most beautiful Lleeterrs he had ever seen. They seemed made almost of silver and stars, so brightly they shone. And he knew, he just knew that with these Wings, he would be able to fly. Really fly, not just glide from a high place to a low, but take off from the ground and soar upwards, ever upwards.

He even instinctively knew how to find these Magic Wings. He stood up, unbound his Wings from his back, and without thinking about the distance to the ground anymore, took off westward, towards the setting sun. Ever westward he went, and every time he reached the ground, he'd climb up in a tree again and go on. His way was only lighted by the stars and the full moon, but before morning he reached the very western edge of the Vale, where no more Brownies live. Still guided by his dream, he found a small cave small even for a Brownie and went in. The passage that he followed was only barely big enough to allow him and his Wings to pass through. At one point he even got stuck, and he almost thought he would have to break his wings or leave them, in order to pass, when with a bit more wrenching he managed to pry them loose.

After what seemed to be a long time, the darkness of the passage gave way to some light, which grew brighter as he progressed. And there he found them; the Magic Wings from his dream. He took them outside with him, eager to try them out. As soon as his arms were secured, he forgot all about his life in the Vale, Choosing Day and his friends. His thoughts were wholly occupied by these wonderful Magic Wings. He was standing on the ground when he put them on, but he had only to jump to launch himself into the air, and in the air he stayed. He could hover, he could salto, he could do anything and everything that he set his mind to. And if he hasn't landed yet, then I'm sure he's still flying.

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