As one knows, the elves of Nybelmar are far different from the elves of the Sarvonian continent. However, All elves share the roots of the ancient elven empire, Fá'áv'cál'âr. And in this respect the elves of Nybelmar are not different.

The Runes of the Nybelmar elves show only slight changes to the ancient rune system used in Fá'áv'cál'âr - mostly stylistic changes that evolved through millenia of use and the basic principles of the tribe using them. To the untrained eye, they may look completely different than its Sarvonian counterpart, as if an untrained Sarvonian attempted to write a sentence in Styrásh. In truth, it is only the style that these distant elves have taken on. A well-schooled Sarvonian elf can read the Styrásh of the Nybelmar elves.

However, the accuracy is only relative. For the
Nybelmar elves have altered spelling of various words from the Sarvonian counterparts. They still write and spell very similar to the same language, but the actual words can get confusing due to both the writing pattern and spoken sound. - For example:

And the changes to the Nybelmar langage (both spoken and written) continue as such. However, the change is not large enough for the Compendium writers to create a primer for the Nybelmar Styrásh changes - it is merely to be noted and recognized for those who wish to understand Nybelmar Styrásh better. Perhaps in a few more millennia, one may be required, but at the moment is unnecessary.

It should be noted that
Sarvonian elves find it difficult to understand Nybelmar elves, unless either elf has had some training in the other's language. It has been said that Sarvonian elves report hearing a fast-paced, heavy form of Styrásh when listening to Nybelmar Styrásh, while Nybelmar elves report hearing a mumbled, elaborate form when listening to Sarvonian Styrásh.

As with all languages, it is assumed there is a reason for the change. While the same sounds for the same words can and do occur, the spoken lLanguage sounds much less melodic, and in all honesty more rushed - as if the elf is speaking too fast for the word to come out completely before the next word is spoken. Some scholars assume that the
Nybelmar elves, while having the base of the original language, took their own steps in developing it to become more effective for their needs - their needs being to establish a strong foothold on an unfamiliar continent. A soft, gentle language did not effectively convey over the long, broad distances of the Nybelmar plains, nor was it fast enough. It simply evolved for its surroundings, much like any animal would. Return to the top

Tribe Differences. Not only does the Nybelmar Styrásh differ from Sarvonian Styrásh, but in Nybelmar the text of the language differs from tribe to tribe.

The Kayrrhem were the first upon
Nybelmar lands and are the oldest tribe there. Therefore their texts are very similar to the ancient runes of Fá'áv'cál'âr, though far more elegant and more like an art form through the eyes of Sarvonian elves than a form of communication.

The Ifer'hém, an offshoot of the Kayrrhem (and it goes without saying the destroyers of the ancient Kayrrhem Empire and splitters of the Emerald Woods) simplify the scriptlike text of the Kayrrhem for their own purposes. This form of text begins to die out as the Coór'hém come into power, though stubborn and fastidious Ifer-blooded Coór'hém still practice it.

The Coór'hém technique of writing mimics swordplay - while the style of the Kayrrhem text is still present it is by far more stylized with more straightlines and sharper angles. The Coór'hém are also not very handy writers so it is rarely seen beyond Sevari.
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Importance. In closing, while Nybelmar Styrásh and Sarvonian Styrásh share the ancient roots of their language established in Fá'áv'cál'âr, the separation of the tribes over distance, their need for a more effective language and the simple passage of time have changed the Nybelmar language to a form only partially-recognizable to their Sarvonian counterparts. And it can only be assumed that these differences will continue to grow.  Return to the top

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