Queprur's Love is a small mushroom that is used to induce trances and to commit suicide, named after the Goddess of Death, Queprur. It is highly toxical (with different effects on the various races, though) and is said to grow at places where death has embraced men or animal.

The Queprur's Love Mushrooms

View picture in full size Image description. A batch of Queprur's Love mushrooms, which are said to grow mainly at places where death has occured. Picture drawn by Quellion.

Appearance. Queprur's Love is a small fungus about the height of a dwarf's thumb. The thickness of the stem is 2 grains, and the cap is around a nailsbreadth and 2 grains. Really a non-descript plant, in a dull grey colour, slightly paler gills. Return to the top

Territory. Queprur's Love is said to be found anywhere where death has occurred, from a slaughterhouse to a battlefield. Mages say that the enriched soil encourages the fungi's growth, but the common people say that it feeds on the agony of the slain... Return to the top

Usages. Used in a mixture which selected wizards and priests prepare in closely guarded secret places. Has varied affects for each race (see below). Also used in a mixture of different plants in the north by medicine men and women as a suicide agent. Taken alone or in a wrongly-mixed potion, it will cause severe seizures and terrifying hallucinations in the user for months on end. Most die from the side effects (dehydration or starvation) rather than the direct effects of the drug, but there have been some cases where the patient has survived long enough to show the effects of the cumulative poison. At the end, the eyes start to bleed, boils break out all over the body, and the bodily fluids start to heat up and 'boil' within the body. Minute amounts of unmixed Querprur's Love causes this effect at all races, but the potions that use it affect each race differently. Each race mixes their potion (usually called "Trancedrink", or "Trance") differently, and when used by a different race will make the imbiber violently ill for days on end.

General Effects Listed by race are as follows:

Effects on further races haven't been registered so far. Return to the top

Myth/Lore. There is no story behind this plant that is satisfactory to historians, but a commonly accepted story is that this plant was created by a dissatisfied priest to help Queprur in her quest to empty this world. Return to the top

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