Any fast-growing plant with long tendrils which requires the support of other surfaces (the ground, trees, buildings, other plants, etc.) in order to spread and thrive. May be woody vines such as grapes or succulent vines such as kudzu.

Overview. The following vines and creepers have been recorded so far in the Compendium:

This plump, foul-smelling plant is found growing on the rocky coasts of R'unor where it appears to thrive in soil not suited to many other plants. The Bethelatron gets around the problems of poor soil by the expedient of trapping and consuming flesh in the large bowl-shaped structure in its centre, called the pod. Its most frequent meals are carrion birds as well as other scavengers drawn to the smell. The nectar which is produced only during the flowering of this plant gives off a delightful fragrance; it is collected and formed into various expensive and tasty drinks. The flower of this plant is called the Bethelbloom. Return to the top

The "Blanket of Shar" is an invasive, fast-growing, flowering vine that is native to the jungles of Shar. This vine can blanket large areas of trees and ground covering them in a thick layer of tough vines and voluminous numbers of variegated green leaves. In tropical climates, the vine flowers almost continuously, but in colder climes, it flowers only in the spring and summer. The flowers are very tiny, but grow in great ball-shaped bunches which give the impression of a larger light pink flower. In the tropics the vines grow so thickly massed together that they merge, forming a larger vine or even a wide 'buttress'.

The ability of this vine to grow together to make bigger vines is limited to the tropics, because of the high humidity, and fast growth. It happens very seldom in any other climates. This unique characteristic makes this vine a basic building material of the Viaquis tribe. Gardeners in other regions often use it to cover a trellis, or garden shelter, to create a private, shady, getaway. It is also used to cover external walls of some buildings for decoration.
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The Dashefruit Creeper is an intriguing plant with its delicious fruit, interesting growth patterns and flammable pit. It is found growing deep within any fertile, humid and tropical forest or jungle of Aeruillin. Locals use the fruit sparingly since, though useful, it is difficult to find and harvest as well as growing in presumably limited supply. Return to the top

The False Heart, Bleeding Heart or Burning Heart (Styrásh: cár'réóll eferí, cár'réóll eferí, meaning Burning Heart, or cár'réóll eaí, cár'réóll eaí, meaning Protecting Heart) is a beautiful climber. It has dark green heart shaped leaves with a delicate red rim which are topped by ornamental yellow flowers. But it is one of the biggest nuisance and a fairly dangerous plant to an uninformed traveller. Return to the top

A tropical plant, the Flaming Star vine grows mainly in warm regions near coastal areas. The vine named for its vividly coloured and star-like flowers is very popular in the poorer regions of Varcopas, but can be found growing wild in most places where the weather suits it. A completely edible plant, the flowers are used to make a desert sauce known for its aphrodisiac properties and its slightly spicy leaves are popular seasoning for fish. The tear-inducing spicy tangled knots of the vine are used to produce Flaming Knots, a popular candy confection among children across the world. The plant also produces a strangely shaped fruit called the "Meldastar". The flower and leaves of the vine are also produce a rich vibrant red dye, which is incredibly expensive due to the large number of flowers it takes to make the dye.
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The Herena Vine (also referred to as "Ankriss’ Necklace") is a beautiful flowering vine that is found in the Jungles of Shar. It is famous for turning trees into explosions of colour, by wrapping itself around the trunk so many times. They are also well known outside of the forests, as little Krean girls use their remarkable flowers to make simple pieces of jewellery, which are sold on by many traders passing through the forests. Return to the top

This low-growing rose, resembling a creeping vine more than the more common bush-shape of wild roses, is a popular plant from the Moredein Kaerath on Nybelmar where it thrives on the relatively alchalic soil. Its highly fragrant flowers are a valuable resource for the making of various perfumes, and have most certainly been a key reason for its rapid spread as a potted plant. Return to the top

The Kragghi is a ground-hugging, cold-tolerant vine which contains a spicy red sap used as a flavouring by various races in Northern Sarvonia, mostly the Kuglimz and various orc tribes, though its popularity is growing. The Kragghi Vine is also alternately called Krr’ah’ghi (Orcen), Krrahghi (Kuglimz’seitre), Krahgi (ThergerimTaal), Kraggy (Peasant Tharian). Return to the top

The Le’matice flowering vine, also called "Climbing Beauty" or "Cloudbloom", blooms almost exclusively in the Varcopas, the Cloudforest, and the Uderza Heights area. The flowering vine also produces a small round fruit that when pressed produces one of the finest oils sold in Santharia. The oil produced from its fruit and its variety causes the Le’matice flowering vine to be a very valuable plant indeed. Return to the top

The Nightshimmer Vine

The Nightshimmer Vine is a single broad-leafed climbing vine found throughout the whole world of Caelereth. It is also sometimes called "Nimbus Flower" or "Mooncharm" when referred by its flowers. Return to the top

Called "Roori" by the Darkling Brownies (and "Rooa" by older generation) or "SthoStukarolon" by the Trumarim dwarves, this tough, stringy weed is only found deep underground in the oil-filled lakes underneath the Western Bay in northern Nybelmar. It seems to have developed a way to feed on the dark, thick oil, and requires neither sunlight nor water for its survival. Although most races and animals would dismiss it as an inedible weed, it is one of the staple resources of the Darkling Brownies, a race who have only recently been discovered living in this inhospitable environment. The vine attaches itself to the walls of caves and dips fine, dangling roots into the sludge-like liquid, presumably getting some kind of nutrients from it. Return to the top

Strangling Vines, also known as Palm Vines in areas where bombox palm trees are to be found, are perhaps one of the more noticeable vines of the Nybelmarian jungles, are well known throughout the forested areas of the continent. Valued for edibility, decorativeness, and its use as a resource for rope-makers, Strangling Vines are, have been for a long time, and will continue to be, an important part of the flora of Caelereth. Return to the top

The Sweetsip Vine or Asén'bejón in Styrásh (lit. "Sweet Thrive") is native to Nybelmar, but has made its way to Sarvonia. The Asén'bejón is a most hardy plant and has a tendency to multiply with great ease. Its cone like blossoms release a pleasantly sweet smell and can be used in the finest sweet pies, butters, breads, and cakes. Sweetsip also has many other common names such as: Love o' Malise, Sunbengian, and Nectarene.
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The Wine Vine

Specially crafted through magic and science the Ár’ó'bejón Vine (Styrásh for "First Evergreen Wine") are what elven wine is made from. While there are many factors which effect the taste of the wine produced, this is a general overview of the Ár’ó'bejón Vine.
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