Succulent plants are water-retaining plants adapted to arid climates or soil conditions. Succulent plants can store water in their leaves, stems, and also in roots. This way such plants can survive in hostile territory and get through climatically unfavourable periods.

Overview. The following succulent plants have been recorded so far in the Compendium:

The Falserock Cactus

The Falserock is a small plant, a variety of a cacti actually, that actually looks more like a stone than a living thing. Hiding as it does among the pebbles in the Ráhaz-Dáth Desert, with its gray and brown exterior Falserock has the perfect disguise. If it weren't for the fact that it is a welcome edible treat for the Shendar, it would probably go unnoticed. Falserock is also often referred to as "Rock of Untruths". Return to the top

This Cactus has rough grooved brown skin, and no spines, it is considered a relative of the Penokino due to its appearance. Like the Penokino it is virtually spineless and has a brown color, however this plant gets several times larger than the Penokino and can be used for its juice. It grows between 1 and 2 fores long and 1 to 2 hand spans wide and looks much like several large brown melons all connected together. It contains water, like most Cacti and has flesh like a melon, but with a strong earthy, pickled flavour. It ferments quickly and is used as a very nasty local form of moonshine called "Gerjuice". Return to the top

The Már’kál (Styrásh for "Waterfruit"), also sometimes referred to as "Demon Fruit", is one of those desert plants which contain moisture and is often used by the nearby fauna as a water source. A paradoxal plant, for its hostile appearance often wards travellers away while it is in fact one of the most handy plants in the desert. The thorny plant has fruits which look like small dark pompions which contain drinkable water. The plant is often found in the Ráhaz’Dáth area, but is known to appear in other desert-like territories as well, such as the Zhunite desert in Nybelmar. The Már’kál is mostly used by desert creatures, who have become accustomed to the harsh conditions of the sandy dunes of the great deserts. One of those creatures is the sandroller, in whose life the plant fulfills a great role. Return to the top

The Peat Rock Cactus is a small waxy succulent found in the Plains of Peat in Northern Sarvonia, its name originating from its rock-like appearance. The plant is rarely seen except for those who use it for its ability to store water.
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The Sweetsip Vine or Asén'bejón in Styrásh (lit. "Sweet Thrive") is native to Nybelmar, but has made its way to Sarvonia. The Asén'bejón is a most hardy plant and has a tendency to multiply with great ease. Its cone like blossoms release a pleasantly sweet smell and can be used in the finest sweet pies, butters, breads, and cakes. Sweetsip also has many other common names such as: Love o' Malise, Sunbengian, and Nectarene. Return to the top

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