While there is many a plant that healers can use to cure illnesses, there are also those that can cause sickness or even kill a person if eaten, smelled extensively or prepared in vile concoctions. In order to point these dangerous plants out, thťy are gathered here on this page.

Overview. The following poisonous herbs have been recorded so far in the Compendium:

The Cylian Poppy is a flowering plant with blindingly bright white petals surrounding an iridescent gold coloured center. The foliage is jagged, spiky and sharp enough to latch onto leather without trouble. It is mainly used for its thick, milky sap, which is a highly addictive narcotic, and a rather strong one at that, but can also be used in deadly brews with the right levels of skill, which is colloquially known as "Murdrum" in certain cities. Return to the top

The Durblud Flower is a haughty-looking flower growing hardly a handspan from the ground. Its long, leaves appear almost like pieces of curled parchment of dusty green, and bend under their own weight. As such, the Durbludís folds of leaves fall around its draping about its slender stalk like the folds of a petticoat. Despite its elegant design, the Durbludís leaves are quite poisonous, and the root, which is commonly used in nefarious potions, has a bitter taste. Return to the top

The Puliquay is a rare herb found mostly on the continent of Aeruillin. Blossoming in the Plain of the Dead this ancestral flower is well sought after. It has a brown stem and stays near the ground. The bloom from this desert flower is dull and easily mistaken for a Kila weed. The dull orange color blends into the desert sand. It grows well in sweltering places or high temp and low moisture. When boiled with the water from the Sea of Tardulan the Puliquay produces a potent poison used for suffocating the enemy.
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One tall green spike with small yellow blooms aboveground, a matted tangle of hair-fine roots below with marble-size tubers embedded in them. Also known as Mage-root, Smoke-Root, Dream-Root. This narcotic tuber is dug, dried, powdered, and smoked to enhance sorcerous ability. Dangerous, rare in the wild, and impossible to cultivate.
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