Only a few plants throughout the world can be said to be so special as to have genuine magical properties. Such plants are extremely valuable to mages, schamans and alchemists, serving them as reagents to enhance spells or brew powerful potions. Should you come across one of those, you better know how to distinguish them!

Overview. The following magical plants have been recorded so far in the Compendium:

The Forget-Me-Nut

This putrid plant from the southern borders of the Mists of Osthemangar has but one feature which makes it worthy of mention; the subterranean seed known commonly as the Nak-Nut. Containing the power to befuddle the memory, it has been the subject of much experimentation through the centuries, most of it dangerous and misguided. Names used to refer to this plant are "Forget-Me-Nut", "No-Know-Nut", "Nak's Bane", "Nak-Nut" and "Lithnut".
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As its name suggests this strange flower originated on the R’unorian Isles in the city of R’unor itself – which is why it is no surprise that many of the travelers that have laid eyes on this peculiar plant have described it as being “utterly bizarre” and “rather clever... in an odd sort of way”. The main reason for these strange reviews is that the rose itself is said to act as a proclaimer of truths, with its petals changing colours according to the moods of the people surrounding it.
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Wizardleaf is a small, even unconspicious looking plant featuring four jagged leaves around a violet blossom, and is often seen growing near places related to magic, be it a grave of a magician, deep down in elven forests or a battle field where sorcerers fought centuries ago. Wizardleaf can be used in various ways by a capable magician, be it for mixing potions or as a reagent to cast powerful spells. Return to the top

Zifel Plant

The Zifel Plant, also sometimes called “Wizard Weed,” especially around Ximax, is a plant with rare magical properties, allowing the user/mage to have more flexible Xeuá (connections between elements), allowing them to cast spells with much more ease. However, when this effect wears off, the Xeuá becomes more stiff than before and, over time, may even grow brittle, making a break in perpmanent magical effects far more likely. The Zifel Plant is banned from the Ximaxian Academy of Magic for its dangerous after-effects.
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