Fungi is mostly represented by the familiar mushroom, some edible, some medicinal, and some dangerous. Mushrooms which do not belong in any other categories may be placed here.

Overview. The following fungi have been recorded so far in the Compendium:

The Bikiri is a nearly extinct fungus, whose spores were once used as fog weapon. Bikiri is a tree fungus which is almost extinct in the world of Caelereth. Its name is derived from a long dead language that is not in any recorded library or oral history known. Though, it has been referred to as "Beautiful Mist" in ancient magician's texts. The largest number of trees in a forest with Bikiri growing on them could not be counted - mainly because the people that kept trying to count them would count the same trees twice, or three times. Return to the top


The fungus known as Daoles, named "Ghun Daoles" by mist hunters which roughly translates to the "Cursed Lantern" has only been recorded south of the Deep Winds Portal or along the southern fringes of the Mists of Osthemangar. For example, the Daoles produces an eerie, turquoise glow which encourages small insects to land on its bulbous head. A couple of minutes after an insect, usually the lightshard fly, lands on a Daoles, it dies. Although the method through which this is done is not fully understood, alchemists think that the peculiar phenomena is the plants "hunting system". Whenever a prey item is lured towards the Daoles it begins to release this weak poison into the air. Return to the top

The Death Shroom ("Queprur’s Footstool", "Dead Man’s Cap") grows in shadowy places in mid-Sarvonia, usually occupying woods and other shady areas from the forests of Paelelon, where the Eophyrhim elves reside, to the dark Shadowlands of the north. While the mushroom may take any decomposing material as its home, from fallen branches to dead thickets, it is found most commonly on carcasses, either of felled animals or on corpses of the dead. They often grow in and around graveyards, perhaps attracted to the dead bodies beneath the soil. Herbalists will occasionally use the herb to forcefully expel materials from the stomach (in rare and extreme cases), though it is more commonly used to remove dead flesh or as a poison. Return to the top

The Frent Mushroom

The Frent Mushroom is a large, potbellied mushroom toxic to most races. It is peculiar to the middle regions of the Sarvonian Continent, such as upper Santharia and the Celeste Lowlands. Only the mullogs of the Silvermarshes seem to be able to subsist on the Frents. Return to the top

The Pale Frogstool

The Pale Frogstool ("Blue Mushroom", "River Shroom", "White Frogstool", "Northern Frogstool", etc.) grows primarily around flowing rivers and streams throughout mid-Sarvonia, ranging roughly from the Dorashi River in the south to the Ulaenoth River in the north. Known for its light-blue or white colouration, it is harvested for use as a garnish (usually for taenish or fish), and is occasionally included in herbal remedies to help reduce or treat tumours and other growths. Return to the top

Also called Gebl's Nose or Oheh-Gebl: An elongated edible mushroom with a bright pink cap and fleshy stem. Flavourful, long growth period, usually found in spored rings about three peds wide in the late spring. This chewy, delicious fungus goes by a number of names, most of them unprintable; we have given the politest nomenclature here. It is said to be named after one Gebl, a Brownie of extreme endowment and assiduous in his pursuit of life’s pleasures. Eating was apparently his second favorite activity, indoors or out. The mushroom has no other uses beyond its culinary application. Return to the top

The Glowcap Mushroom

The fragile Glowcap Mushroom (also referred to as "Magecap", "Bluecap" or "Brownies' Lantern") is unprepossessing by day but glows a delicate bluish-green at night. It is generally found in low-light, moist areas with a lot of decomposing vegetation in its vicinity. Inedible, the Glowcap is generally used in a gnome-processed form to create special-effect makeup for the theatre or in specific pigment applications. Return to the top


The Koeken Fungus

Koeken, or "Pancakes" as they are colloquially known in peasant Tharian ("Griineb" in Thergerim), are a type of edible, tree-growing shelf fungus commonly found in swamps and other dank areas throughout Sarvonia. Although having little taste of their own, they are nutritious enough and will help to fill out a wayside meal. Return to the top


The Never-Sit-Still

The Never-Sit-Still is a moonsilver-coloured mushroom that has been recorded only in the Goltherlon Forest, and is known almost exclusively to the resident golgnomes. Its Tharian name, Never-Sit-Still, is rarely used, as it is merely a translation of the common name used among the golgnomes: Ignanok (from “Itgu-Nan-Okin”, Never-Sit-Still). The name refers to the uncanny property of the healthy mushroom head to unceasingly wriggle about in small, wavy movements. A second Gnomish name also derives from this peculiarity: Zpukhavt Vernwirkung (from “zpukin”, eerie; “havtim”, to wriggle; and “vernwirkung”, mushroom). The mushrooms are much loved by golgnome children, who frequently can be seen studying the fidgeting heads in fascination.

These mushrooms also have a less obvious characteristic, which well-trained specialists can exploit for instantaneous long-distance communication: when picked with the right method, a pair of mushrooms from the same fungus will always look exactly alike. If you dye or dent one, the other will change colour or shape accordingly. Inventive golgnomes have devised a signalling system that allows them to hold a conversation over an unlimited distance. Mushrooms thus picked and used as for transferring messages are known by the name Kolibim Mycoi (“Answer Fungus”).
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The Nightgrape is a fungus that grows on cave walls and ceilings, preferring the dark to the sunlight above ground. It will keep growing unless pruned if being cultivated for food and sticks to the walls and ceilings. The "grape" is usually grown by dwarves as a food and for making wine and vinegar. If a piece becomes detached it will keep on growing and create a new plant.

The Nightgrape naturally prefers deeper caves that are naturally formed because of the protection from the elements. Most of these caverns are vast and can be as big as whole cities. The remoteness of these caverns and caves are not helped by the fact that they can only be accessed through miniature tunnels. Even though (not sure how to word that) the nightgrape has been harvested and carefully moved to the dwarvish cities willing to undertake the task of growing and harvesting the fruit. Because of this the Nightgrape is relatively well known plant that dwarves have harvested for many years.
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The Queprur's Love Mushroom

Queprur's Love is a small mushroom that is used to induce trances and to commit suicide, named after the Goddess of Death, Queprur. Highly toxical. Queprur's Love is a small fungus about the height of a dwarf's thumb. The thickness of the stem is two grains, and the cap is one nailsbreadth and two grains. Really a non-descript plant, in a dull grey colour, slightly paler gills. Used to produce a potion called "Trancedrink", which has very different effects on various races. Return to the top

"Savage Mushroom" is actually a rather poor translation of the orcish name "K'arg'Batuk" (lit. "attacking vegetation"), which somehow seemed to stick in the minds of those who heard it and gradually became accepted. Some also call it "Flesh-Eater Fungus" or “Sorcerer’s Pet” (see Myth/Lore/Origins). It is a small, hardy fungus found only within the Mists of Osthemangar in Northern Sarvonia. The dull, grey-brown lichen of the main plant is the exact colour of the plains themselves, allowing it to lie hidden against the ground and prey on anything which comes to pick its deep red fruits. It can kill and devour humans, orcs, apes and even very young spine worms with a noxious gas it releases from these large red pods. This gas somehow contains the fungus itself, which then eats into living skin and flesh, slowly devouring the victim.
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The Squilla Fungus

The Squilla (plural: Squillae) is a fungus that grows thickly all over Sarvonia, from the Celeste Lowlands in the north to Cape Strata in the south. It is an edible fungus with a delicious spicy flavour that makes it invaluable to Sarvonian cooks. Most races in Sarvonia, including orcs, elves, Brownies, hobbits, and Thergerim, as well as humans, enjoy this fungus as a spice for various foods. It is also known as "Shelfung" (Tharian) "kroch'tlor" (orcish) and "urtumua" (ThergerimTaal). Return to the top


The Sulcho Mushroom

The Sulcho is a full-flavoured, giant mushroom which grows well in moist, low-light conditions. It is a favourite of the Thergerim and is almost exclusively cultivated and traded by them.
These mushrooms grow well in any moist climate with little or no sun, but the underground caves of the Thergerim seem to be their favorite habitat. One such mushroom makes a meal, with its wrist-thick stalk and cap the size of a half-melon. Return to the top

These small, ugly, pungent fungi are one of the most expensive foodstuffs in the whole of Santharia. Vast sums of money (or goods) regularly change hands for what are, basically, growths on the diseased roots of trees. They come in two colours, black or the rarer (and therefore, more expensive) white, and can be found only in certain areas, from the Bolder Forest in the North, to Manthria in the South. They are a cousin of the mushroom, and have a similar smell, although somewhat stronger, and taste more earthy or even woody. Return to the top

A fungal growth which flourishes on decaying trees under certain atmospheric conditions. It is bracket-shaped (like a round-cornered triangle) with a deep purple top and white underside. Strong acrid scent, pale white spores and deeply fluted gills.

Zerixas, unfortunately, has only one use. It is highly poisonous. Its spores sprinkled into water will stun fish, and when distilled by even the most amateur (unless they manage to kill themselves by breathing the steam) forms a lethal poison also called zerixas. Its one drawback is that it has a strong unpleasant flavour, and it is not undetectable, as it leaves the victim’s tongue and the capillaries in the eyes a dark purple.
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