Tubers are various types of plant structures that are enlarged, or swollen, as many say. They are supposedly used by plants to survive the winter or dry months and providethe necessary substances for regrowth during the next growing season. There are both stem and root tubers.

Overview. The following tubers have been recorded so far in the Compendium:

Believed to be one of the many species belonging to the tuberroot family, this plant is found in the cool climates of higher altitudes. This hardy tuber is found throughout much of Northern Sarvonia and has become a staple of the Kuglimz as well as being eaten by other peoples. Unlike most tuberroots that have a more bland taste, the Tuberfruit is very sweet. In non-Tharian languages it is referred to as follows: in Kuglimz-Seitre the Tuberfruit is called Kul'coeir (lit. "Black Root") and in Thergerim Jutog (from "Juuh Tog", lit. "Sweet Root"). Return to the top

Brown, red, white, yellow, orange, and blue varieties of these underground tuber-producing plants are popular with the dwarves, who call them "Toggersek" inclusively. Grown mostly in sandy or loose soil, this plant family is characterized by large dark green leaves above the surface and a spreading root system which develops small nodules under the earth. The nodules extract various nutrients from the ground and absorb water and sunlight's energies to grow into variously-shaped and coloured vegetables. All varieties are much improved by cooking, although they can be eaten raw.
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