Appearance. Cloewen Trees are evergreen, slow growing trees that reach a height of about 4-5 peds when fully grown. The bark is silver and smooth to the touch. They have large deep green waxy leaves which are about the size of a spread palm. The trees are prized by the Ylfferhim elves for their magnificent large white (or ocassionally pale pink) sweet scented blooms in spring and autumn. The elves often prune Cloewen into fantastic and beautiful shapes. Return to the top

The Cloewen Tree

View picture in full size Image description. The Cloewen Tree. Drawn by Quellion.

Territory. Unique to the Quallian forest though related species are seen across the whole of southern Santharia. Return to the top

Usages. This plant is purely decoractive, though wild they are rather stragely trees. To raise beautiful, bushy, ornamental specimens is difficult and considered a great art by the Ylfferhim. Bees that take nectar from Cloewen flowers make a very dark (almost black) clear honey which has a slight tartness to the taste.
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Importance. Cloewen are very special to the Ylfferhim. One coat of arms from the reign of Anthioullsn (200-100 b.S.) shows the Tree of Life depicted as a Cloewen tree although it is highly unlikely that Cloewen trees have ever existed outside the Quallian. The shield is probably simply a reference to the closeness with which this elven tribe relates the tree to their Goddess, Avá the Beautiful. In Iyasha the shrine of Avá is marked by a circle of 9 small Cloewen surounding one massive, spectacular specimen (which strangely is often refered to as The One, as though synonomous with the Goddess Herself). Around the trunk are carved the words of the second verse of the "O Lady Fair" prayer:

"Avá, Avá, O Lady fair
To whom we are but fleeting dreams
We ask You give us solace here
Amid a world of evil things"

A verse that is very close to the heart of the Ylfferhim as they seek to seperate themselves from the outside world. Return to the top

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