Vaiá Iú Queím is a favourite past-time of elven children, where one player (the 'cór', or ‘the night’) must catch all the other players. These players must hide while the 'cór' recites a chant, but as soon as the chant is over, all players must freeze where they are and wait to be found. The first player to be found is the new 'cór' in the next round, and the last player to be found is the winner!

. Vaiá Iú Queím! (Styrásh for "I see you!") originated in the Bolder Forest, but soon spread through the Zeiphyrian Forests and the Auturian Woods. Having crossed through human territory, the game was altered slightly to fit their tongue - the 'cór' was renamed the 'core', being the centerpiece to the game (this was also due to a mistranslation), and lost most of its connection to the Shadow. However, it soon died out, as the mothers of human children did not stress the warning chant as much as those of elven heritage. Now, the game is mainly played by members of the Quaelhoirhim and the Aellenrhim residents of the Bolder Forest, although variations have occurred throughout Santharia in many elven tribes. This game began with the simple chant, sung by mothers to their children, warning them of Coór's evil ways. Eventually, it grew into a form of hide-and-seek, and the true meaning of the words was forgotten. The name of the player who must catch all the others gradually changed to 'cór', much to the relief of many anxious parents who did not want to hear the Shadow's name constantly called out. Return to the top

Equipment. No special equipment is necessary - there must be at least four players for a good game, so that one person can play cór and the other three can hide. There is no maximum number of players. A good place with lots of hidey-holes is useful. Return to the top

Game Setup. Before the game can begin, everyone must elect the first player to be the 'cór'. This is done by, after counting to three, all the players shouting 'néh!', indicating that they do not want to be the 'cór'. The player who shouts it last becomes the first 'cór'.

The 'cór' must then shout out the following chant with his eyes closed while the other players hide in locations of their choice.

Do you have the bitter smoke
of a wizard, wizardleaf?
When seek!
Do you see the awful white
that black nor’sidian white?
Upon, dear haven, run amok
When seek!
Look, here he comes!
Hide beneath the gentle fleecy wool
of a dear dor'iyn lamb.
When seek! When seek! When seek!
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Rules. All players must run and hide while the 'cór' recites the chant, but as soon as the chant is over, they must freeze where they are, whether they are hidden or not, and must wait until the 'cór' finds them.

When the chant is completed, the 'cór' may open his eyes and attempt to seek out the hidden players. The first player to be caught will become the new 'cór' when the next round begins.

If the 'cór' is caught peeking while chanting the opening poem, the other players are allowed to pinch him twice each, one for each eye. In original games, the 'cór' would then have to find the other players blindfolded, but this practice is no longer seen. The winner is the person found last in each round!

One custom of the game is that the final player is usually given a present, sometimes a necklace made out of shade grass, although this practice is mostly omitted in present-day games. This small ceremony originated from the understanding of shade grass' place in an environment; it hides in the dark, yet is vital for survival. In this way, the winner is honoured by placing a representation of night itself around their neck.

Another variation (usually found in the
Bolder Forest) is that the other players can continue hiding even after the chant is finished, but are not allowed to leave the boundaries of the game, or they automatically become the new 'cór' in the next round. Return to the top

 Date of last edit 25th Rising Sun 1670 a.S.

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