Scholar’s Table is a drinking game played among the many people of Santharia[1]. It involves a topic, a glass or tankard for every player, and the ability to keep your mind sharp as time goes on and the drink flows more and more. Although the game has appeared in several Kuglimz taverns and drinking circles as Sur’tyan’s Knowledge, it sticks mainly to Santharian people.

. The game of Scholar’s Table began in approximately 1592 a.S. under professor Adam Torn of the Magical Academy. His students found his lectures boring and drawn out, and many slept through them. Rather than forcing them to learn, Torn created a game to allow his students to study and have fun at the same time. He called it "Drinking Magi", based it at the Wasted Wizard tavern in the Inner City, and paid for the drinks himself. His students loved it, but they were forced to pay attention in his class in order to win the game. The game spread across the academy, and than even Santharia as it became a great drinking game among many. Many non-scholars play the game, which has led to many different names for it, especially among different races, but the name "Scholars’ Table" seems to be the most widely used. Return to the top

Equipment. All that is needed to play Scholar’s Table is at least two players, a topic starter (usually three people will play, and most will take turns on topic starter), although more players are preferred as it makes the game far more difficult, a glass or tankard for liquor for every player, and the alcohol itself. The type of alcohol differs from place to place, some using mead, others ice brandy, some vhodka - if they can get their hands on it - and the like. Return to the top

Game Setup. Everyone’s tankard or glass is filled, and everyone stands (or sits) around a table, with the drink in the middle, to refill easily. The topic-maker, referred to as the master, names a topic, and the game begins. Return to the top

Rules. The game works as follows:

Note: If a player is knocked out from drink, or rendered useless, he is pulled away from the table, and the game continues.

Example of a round:



[1] During my trip around Santharia (and mainly in Bardavos), I found several students playing a drinking game that I remembered from my younger years. I sent a letter to the library, and found there was no entry on it, and decided to construct one myself, although I must admit, tracking down the history was difficult, especially considering the different names for this game. I finally found some history at the Academy of Magic, who seem to have knowledge of everything, lucky mages. [Back]

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