The Semm (pl. "Semms" or "Semm'l") is a kind of small white bread, not unlike the darker loibl, but nevertheless so different that it can‘t go as a variety of the loibl. Due to its look it is sometimes called clock-bread‘la or time-wheel as well.

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Appearance. Semm'l are as rare as loibla are common. Only made out of the finest golden rain, and the flower sieved on top to remove the coarse outer shells, it is so expensive as it is delicious. It is baked to a golden colour and when cut open it is nearly white. When the dough has nearly reached its final size, a pattern is imprinted on top which looks like the five main sections of the Santharian clock.

Semm‘l are eaten as a savory snak with just a little butter, with butter and thin slices of a fine meat or other lightly tasting salty topics, however nothing can surpass a half of a Semm, cut along its rim, buttered and topped with fine honey from the Aurora plains.

Varieties. There exist a few varieties of the Semm, which can be better categorized as sweets or cakes. These are as follows:

Of course these varities are not the only Semm'l - bakers throughout Santharia are very imaginative when creating their own special versions. Just have a look around! Return to the top

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